New Class!


Currently we have two ability prototypes:

  1. Sheath (short range tp and line aoe)
  2. Wakizashi (offcenter bullet slice)

Both abilities inflict the new Condition Effect Exposed starting at T3, which reduces an object’s defense by 20. Negative values are possible.

Sprites and values are not final, but we would like to know which ability you enjoy the most so far!

Both types drop as tiered abilities, later you will find them in the shop as well.

Sheath or wakizashi?
Conversion chart for star rank when 15th class arrives
Waki vs sheath
Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed

Shouldn’t wakizashi be ninja weapon ? And katana as samurai ability


Imo no since ninja is projected to be a quick and stealthy damage dealer using ninja stars while samurai uses a wakizashi to deal damage upfront but prolly its just me ¯\(ツ)


Is it just me, or did the ability box disappear? I wasn’t able to roll it.


OMG First class to receive 2 abilities?


Katana aren’t steathly at all
It big
It heavy


No, they’re testing and trying to pick ONE of the two.


Katanas are a light, narrow sword


It Battle Royal

Best one stay…


its like the comman sword both of them uses to defend themselves


Wakizashi is even lighter and smaller


Doesn’t change the fact that katanas are built for speed and stealth


rip game logic



Tanto is suitable for ninja IRL


So expose can be better than armor break and can stack with it? cool


this could ruin the Ninja’s role because the ability is way easier to use than ninja already is at dealing burst of damage.

i really REALLY don’t like the idea of taking the ‘offensive’ type role by ripping it away from Ninja, making it unfair for Ninja mains (not me).

if only it dealt less damage and probably took a ‘support’ (giving buffs and/or heals) role such as paladin or ‘defensive’ role such as knight (giving debuffs or able to protect players from taking damage) then i would be fine with it.

i just hope it doesn’t takes Ninjas’ main purpose once it comes in prod.

i wish i could say anything more though so… this is pretty much it


Ninja suck at the first place :confused:


Ninja needs a buff anyways (or everything else needs a nerf, which would be my approach, but that’s not going to happen)


Waki can get kinda screwed in situations like this because of its clockwise thing


That could just be part of the difficulty tho, good damage


no, ninja is fine the way it is, it could get a small tweak but that’s pretty much it