One More Time (Updated)


Never thought I’d be coming here again, but here I am.

Hey, everyone. If you remember me, I’m DreamIess or JohnMH. A lot of things have happened since I disappeared after my burning distaste towards DECA’s decisions, and well… a lot has changed about me, excluding my opinion of DECA. It’s so bizarre to see that despite how much I’ve changed, one thing that never changed was the way I viewed people around here: the community I know is nice, but the rest is… bad.

But that’s not the point. I’m here to just make it a bit more public that I’m going in for one more round just to see what’s changed and if it’s any good to really come back for good, and I’m making it final. Though, as I can’t reset my password(email is inaccessible) I won’t be able to use this account in-game anymore. I’ll be going by ItsDrmIess (capital “i” in “iess”) if you ever want to say hi.

Final statement.


Welcome back, Stay gold ponyboy.


Funny that you say ponyboy


Welcome back and wishing for good memories


Now seems like too soon to come back, but maybe that’s just me. It still feels like we’re in a transitory period, with DECA gradually dropping bombs and implementing changes that fit their desired future for the game. Based on Dev reports, it still seems like we have a ways to go, whether or not that’s viewed as a positive or negative thing.

Regardless, welcome back! It’s been some time since I last saw your face around here. (:


Being completely honest, even a lot of the reworked content has failed to keep me engaged. After getting Dead God in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, my standards really raised and everything has failed to reach them; it’s all just so lost in the past, even after being changed.

The only real exception is Sprite World, which has a lot more variety. So far, the only thing I’m looking forward to in terms of interesting patterns is Sanctuary, and even then I don’t like a lot of its design due to its reliance on repeated trial and error or reading up a ton about it beforehand.


I think the perma-death feature was the only thing that kept this game going as well as it did, though inadvertently attracting a younger audience helped immensely. Now that the original players have grown up and are the ones that carry the game (or already left), this game remains unique to those bad at the bullet dodging genre, or to those existing youngsters that picked up the game!


Honestly, I don’t even think it’s that good of an introduction either. Hitboxes aren’t always the most clear, your hurtbox is unnecessarily massive, and the sheer amount of things that aren’t that clear or require high speed are ridiculous for something that’s in the same genre as something like Touhou, which heavily benefits precision and careful movement.




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Looking back at the last post that you made about a year ago (which you might or not care about by now), here are my 2 cents:

I knew some years ago to the point even Kabam seems like a good company in comparison.

I don’t know if Kabam are better than Deca in overall (in fact in some cases, I view them one is no better than each other). I will explain down below. Note I don’t h8 Deca themselves but some actions really triggered me off even as a P2W:

The absurd amount of events was just the start of everything. They funneled more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, to the point that it feels like doing events is the only way to get items anymore.

As in 2021… this is still the case, regardless chest or 1.5x drop/exp event and especially recently when there were LoD and Tomb event. Guess what next couple days later? Another events, all have to do with souped up droprates.

You might not know this but during the CLib event that we had back in June 6… Deca shadow-nerfed the dungeon droprate from gods without letting us to know about it. It took many more gods (more than just Beholders) to drop the respective dungeon that we were looking for than before the event.

Now I do understand that Deca need those $$$ to keep their game afloat but that just exposed one of their dark side (could or could not be but who knows). I myself threw 1.5 grands of USD to this game not just for my personal gain but also to help out the (penniless) F2P’s to keep on going.

And I am going to be absolutely frank here, keys are not worth your dollars unless you are Exalting your character. Other than that, they are use 'n forget kind of thing.

and it infuriates me that this game has become so fueled by them that they’re more of a cash grab on the surface than the likes of EA. Hell, even their chests are stupid; the old ST sets have boxes that just say “(Class) ST Box”, while the new ones are referred to by set name instead, which is manipulative advertising if I’ve ever seen it.

You haven’t see the worst part. Couple weeks ago, the Shop was selling FPs for 1k+ realm gold as a 77% discount if bought separately. But if we added the cost together from separate FPs, it was completely different than the advertising. Some dude in Reddit posted about the fraud advertising and Deca changed it (except it happened again not too long later on).

And now we have Oryx’s Sanctuary. This dungeon is absolutely jam-packed full of items that are meta defining all on their own with a single exception that I found, that being the ring for the Priest set.

The tiered items? Who cares about any of them outside of the dagger? All of them are absolutely nuts, and quite a lot of them just straight up replace completely different classes, like the Tome which does so much damage I think someone added an extra 0 and forgot to take it off but just kept it in there anyways. In case you’re wondering, a maximum Wisdom build on a Sorcerer while using Scepter of Devastation is 600 Damage LESS than this Tome, AND IT STILL HEALS.

The Wand does more damage than Sword of Majesty on Paladin when it’s used on a PRIEST. On Sorcerer, with good gear, it can beat a maximum DPS Warrior LITERALLY FOREVER.

And that isn’t even mentioning all the other meta game breaking items like everything in the Knight set, the Armor that makes Rogues able to permanently be cloaked, the Katana that outright replaces Celestial, a Star that’s just absurdly powerful to the point it could probably replace Knight almost entirely, another Armor that turns Tenne into a little wimp when you have Healing, a ring that out-DPSes Crown while being infinitely better for surviving, a Spell that does 10K DAMAGE, and so much more. It physically is hurting my brain trying to deal with how severely unbalanced all of these are, and the dungeon is coming out TODAY.

Looking at what Seelpit replied back then, powercreeping is inevitable. It’s either not bringing new contents and players go bye-bye or powercreeping itself also make players go bye-bye.

Let’s see…

  • GGuard outstrips MBane in most cases (4 less DPS stats but giving 10 more Def and 7 Speed)
  • Divinity that outstrips Indomptable and A.S.S
  • Enforcer that outcompetes all other UT Katanas (it got nerfed but still remaining powerful).
  • Ballistic Star that almost replaced Knight as you mentioned.
  • Lumiaire’s DPS beats every single other wands.
  • And many more that you did and did not mentioned.

Now I do understand that items drops from the hardest dungeon should be the best, outstripping and rendering some old UT’s obsolete is not a good choice either. I do have ideas to buff the old UT’s to get them back on track with today’s meta like giving DBow a charging shot ability.

And it’s not just powercreeping issue, Oryx’s Sanctuary became today’s meta because its extremely high risk-to-reward ratio. Once you can raid O3 consistently, there is no point of raiding other dungeons that are not for Exaltations.

(Getting a bit off topic here)…

BTW, because of the O3 meta, a good number of endgame Realmers doesn’t even farm their own rainbows anymore. Remember when Realmers were advertising “Selling 6-8 Speeds for a normal Life pot” back in late 2019 to early 2020 on USW2? Now it’s “Buying 3 Wis/Vit for 1 GLife.”

Think about this, endgame Realmers relies on their casual (non-endgame) counterparts to get them back on track (aka OPing for rainbows), but guess what? Now almost everyone does the same thing, rainbows became so expensive because very few player who are willing to farm for them.

Some dudes argue that it’s much easier to get an 8/8 character but when you want rainbows using your Lives and Manas to buy them, you won’t get much than it was back in late 2019. Whenever I need those 2 potions, I still sell rainbows by the 2019 pricing (when LH was the meta, bad but at least better than what we have today). Unpopular opinion but I’d rather to grind more rainbows than grinding less.

Lastly, I am myself who is Exalting Samu via Discord (26/40 at the moment), but when it comes to recovering from an unexpected death from Exaltation dungeons or whenever I am not Discord raiding, me farming up pots like a casual Realmer. Zero lies.


This doesn’t surprise me.

This doesn’t surprise me either.

This, however, is an absolute shock. DECA has gone beyond manipulative marketing and is now just lying? If it’s only by 2-3 percent I can understand a bit, so of course it’d help to know what the exact ratio was.


I didn’t realize that was you :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the grammar; I was trying not to die lol




This. Straight :fax: being spit


I didn’t look at the name of who was talking that time, ok; I’m a bad person :laughing:


So, I’ve come to a conclusion.

After not even a full week of playing and seeing what’s changed, what’s new, what’s still old… I can confidently say that I don’t think it’s worth coming back, until there’s at least some major changes to a lot of things. I’m going to summarize all of my thoughts and such into a full review in video form once I’m not hanging out with my boyfriend. (Should start the script roughly around July 10th.)

It was worth a try, but I don’t think that even with reworked content, none of it is in the right direction excluding Summoner(which I’ll talk about specifically later) and Sprite World.


. >: (


What would you want to see to get changed? Like what exactly? IK you said that you are not satisfied still.



Not ouch… would have much more exalts once i get white star again


Gameplay in general has way too much going against it for it to be like a true bullet hell, or even a beginner’s bullet hell; the hitbox of projectiles mixed with rather static movement and an overly sized hurtbox, along with some status effects that outright force you to nexus unless you either have one of two specific UTs or a specific consumable that only drops from one dungeon, are the main contenders.

However, the most important thing that I can say is that almost all of the dungeons in the game are just… out of touch. They don’t feel like they live up to the modern day; back in the WildShadow days, this kind of content was completely fine because it was a different era and the gameplay was generally a lot slower. However, times have changed and DECA has yet to get the memo, since mostly everything just feels like it’s still stuck in the WildShadow days… or it’s just unfitting.

I cannot express how much I do not enjoy Woodland Labyrinth’s need to make projectiles that sit in place for 5+ seconds, and other projectiles like that in other areas, especially when spammed. I cannot express just how ridiculous it is that Marble Colossus has an ungodly amount of projectiles despite not having the brevity of a smaller hurtbox to complement it, resulting in forced hits in most scenarios without anything you can do about it unless you can teleport. I cannot express just how unclear so many patterns are, to the point that I’m looking at the Mother fight from The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - notoriously the hardest fight in that game + DLC - and saying that Mother is easier, despite arguably requiring vastly sharper reflexes.

Next to nothing in any dungeon is choreographed even the tiniest smidgen, and that just leaves me guessing what the hell is going to happen despite the fact I used to be a Raid Leader for the Lost Halls discord and know the dungeon extremely well. It almost completely bars any average player from getting used to the dungeon within their first dozen (generous) attempts unless they want to either swallow their dignity and use a discord (something DECA has been trying to fix, from my understanding, but is failing at) or watch a guide more than once just to have a chance at it. And that’s how it is with a lot of harder dungeons, partially excluding Shatters due to its mediocre design.

Oryx’s Sanctuary is the only thing I can say has at least some competency in this regard, but even then, very few things are properly choreographed and rely on you already knowing what’s going to be going in what direction, guessing, or just blindly following another player in the dungeon; not to mention the seriously high bar for entering that matches that of Lost Halls, and then some. Trial and error to learn something is fine, but the extent that it requires is absurd for something that you access directly from the Realm’s line of events.

If it retained its difficulty but made it more clear what was happening, that would make it far stronger of a dungeon, but it doesn’t have that, excluding some phases, or at worst a single phase: Bloodshed Portal counterattack from Chancellor Dammah. Very difficult while not being vague as to what you need to do or what to look out for; that’s the kind of thing everything else sort of lacks.

And before I forget, two more things.

  1. The base classes of almost everything but Trickster, Ninja and Summoner are completely and utterly boring, and Ninja only gets a pass because it’s able to be more precisely controlled and not because the ability is interesting. You need UTs or STs for anything interesting to happen in most cases, which is stupid; I shouldn’t need to get lucky to enjoy a class.

  2. I absolutely loath the fact that DECA has recently been adding items that simply showcase gimmicks instead of trying to make any of the items actually balanced between each other. A lot of stuff that didn’t get huge public backlash - such as the Christmas UT Sword - was likely not even tested properly, let alone altered, resulting in a completely fucked system of balance. I was getting better results on my Summoner with Lab Robe than Ritual Robe. It isn’t at all hard to make some system of balance for Weapons at the very least, because a friend has done so for a Private Server in not that long of a time and it has all the necessary variables, including those that are unique to the aforementioned server.

While I’m not much of anyone that would matter in the grand scheme of things, I absolutely do not think that DECA will reach very far if they keep going the way they do. They’re putting more focus on keeping players in by holding events over their head like raw meat and showing off their “amazing feats thanks to Exalt” than they are on making the game a difficult yet fair experience. It absolutely pains me that the game that gave me so much life, and even all of my sprite art experience, is now beyond a shadow of its former self to the point I sometimes regret even hearing about it.