Orsome's very serious art thread



I was going to do more Prism Pirate characters but instead I am undertaking a spiritual journey to not be shit at art, so be on the lookout for more in future, maybe.

This one was done a while ago by now, but no ones seen it yet, so here.


Trunly encapsulates the spirit of the all mighty banana man Golden Ninja. Ofcourse now I’ll have to painstakingly decide who’s PFP to use.

and I’ve always enjoyed your stuff, being a good artist just means it takes longer to make funny stuff.


oh damn thanks

Also I called your character Banana Ninja all the time lmao. You’re literally a banana.



I’ve often wondered how many shitposts I can make as an excuse to keep this thread open before I run out of ways to draw ducks.



Do a front facing duck




just kidding

now available in both dark and light mode