Oryx 3 chest phase DC


I do regular discord o3 runs and it seems like every 4th or 5th o3 complete the entire raid disconnects during chest phase. It’s specifically chest phase, too. The rest of the fight, plus the minis, are always fine. Obviously this sucks because o3 is the hardest enemy in the game and getting cheated out of your completion + loot is a terrible feeling, but despite that I haven’t seen a big uproar about it. Is anyone else aware of this issue? Has DECA been informed?
Feel free to delete if someone else has already brought up this issue in another thread.


I think I saw someone comment on this on a PPE thread:

I’m not sure if its the same thing or not, and thats the only mention i can think of recently talking about dcing during O3.
I dont think anyone has actually brought it up as a point for discussion, however.


It’s definitely been posted a lot on Reddit, but surprisingly I don’t see as many posts about it on Realmeye (unless I’m missing out by living under a rock).

While it happening in O3’s death phase is obviously the absolute worst possible moment to occur, I think server stability in general has gone to utter shit ever since the security update, and this time I’ve made sure it’s not just a “me issue” as all of my guildies have been experiencing this.

Infinite loadings between instances have been occuring much more often, where we’d have to either go on regedit to change our server back, or wait 10 minutes for the existing connection issue to time out.

The tinkerer server system doesn’t work properly about 70% of the time now. Infinite loadings occur sometimes when trading in quests, and we’ve tried to avoid it through every possible way (eg. Waiting longer before completing a quest, opening and closing the quest window, refreshing the window, etc.) we know of yet it still inevitably happens. Sometimes the tinkerer just doesn’t load up at all, with either missing quests or just an eternal “Check back later” button staring back at us.

And then of course, there’s your O3 disconnects, which for the most unfortunate of reasons and circumstances, seem to usually happen when the carpets start disappearing at the end of the fight.

Bonus points for the testing server, which frequently gave me “existing connection” disconnections while I’m playing in any instance. I eventually gave up trying to stream showcase the new Ddocks to an old friend because I’d either disconnect trying to find the dungeon, or I disconnect before I get to show him the calamity crab or the boss.

I don’t know what is going on, but hopefully Deca is aware of it and is working on these fixes soon, cuz they really are disruptive and unfair