Paladin of the Fallen Sun ST Set


This paladin set is heavily inspired by Tales of Maj’Eyal’s Fallen class.

ST Sword: Bloodthirst


Blood is power. Let the rivers run red.


  • Tier: ST
  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 255-275
  • Rate of fire: 100%
  • Range: 4
  • Wavy shots
  • Special properties: If worn together with Seal of the Fallen Sun, hitting an enemy grants +10 spd and berserk on self for 1 second. No cooldown.
  • Fame Bonus: 7% (?)
  • Feed Power: 900

ST Seal: Seal of the Fallen Sun


The sun shines for the guilty and the innocent alike.

  • Tier: ST
  • MP cost: 120
  • Cooldown: No cooldown
  • Effects: Bleeding on self for 5 seconds.
    Splatter sigil: On ability use, creates a splatter sigil on the ground, which has a radius of 3 sqrs and lasts 7 seconds. Multiple sigils can be placed at once. Standing inside a sigil grants immunity to Blind and Darkness.
    Any enemy creatures that walk inside the splatter sigil will take 100 damage per second, and will also get a bleeding effect for 5 seconds, which deals additional 100 damage each second. (basically like the doku no ken and assasin poisons effects right now.)
    -Bonus stats: +5 dex, +20 hp.

ST Armor: Blood Clot Armor


All living things are linked by blood. It is one river, flowing through all.

-Stats: +10 def, +7 speed.
-When bleeding on self: +20 vit, +75 health.

get it? because your blood is your armor and when you’re bleeding you have more of it.

ST Ring: Barbed ring


All the things in this dark world are contemptible.

Stats: -20 health, +10 attack.

ST set bonuses:
2 equips: -20 health, +20 mp, +2 speed, +2 atk, +2 dex, Bleeding no longer stops vit regeneration
3 equips: +40 health, +20 mp, +3 speed, +3 atk, +3 dex
4 equips: +80 health, +20 mp, +4 speed, +5 vit

PLS Suggest ways to balance this, the idea was making like a paladin that runs around at a very fast speed and places the sigils down and fights enemies inside of them


Just going start by saying that the sword seems quite powerful on it’s own. Maybe change the proc to when your bleeding? The armor looks cool, though I’m not sure why it doesn’t give more def when your bleeding, that would just make more sense to me.


i think i made it deal just enough damage to be in between t13 and t14


er… when berserked, yeah. if it’s a constant berserk when you hit an enemy with no cooldown, you have to judge its dps as if the ROF is 1.25%.

A t13 and t14 sword without berserk doesn’t stand a chance against this thing.


but the idea was like… for solo play, you have berserk from this weapon and no damaging from your seal, and when playing a group there’s already a warrior so the berserk doesn’t matter, and the damage is as if you were using a t13-t14.
Edit: actually, i think the sword should have the berserk proc only when the seal is worn with it, just so the player can’t get both buffs in solo play at the same time (as if anyone with a berserk ability and batallion banner can’t do that already in game)


How would you feel about the armor having 0 def initially (cuz no blood on you) and then getting +10/+15 def in addition to the vit and health when bleeding?


The sword is ST, but is “Tier UT” under stats. Outdamages and outranges Splendor, and has a busted proc. The only saving grace might be the “wavy shots”, but you listed neither the amplitude nor frequency, so it is impossible to discern how easy or difficult it may be to hit targets.

The seal is ST, but is “Tier UT” under stats. Also, darkness is a buff.

Armor is unusable without another piece to set. Armor base stats are atrocious, and outclassed by glad guard. With the proc and paladin’s base VIT, you would be regenerating 1 hp/s when you are bleeding, which… doesn’t justify for how bad the base armor is, considering that bleeding isn’t like sick where you cannot be healed no matter what.

The ring is also not good. There is no reason to wear it over Esben’s wedding ring, or just a straight up UBATT.


Fixed it saying UT it’s just me being dumb.
But about the equipment… isn’t the whole point of ST sets to be used only together?


Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use ST on its own, or take 2-3 pieces out of the set to use. It also doesn’t justify for how terrible the base stats of the armor is. Additionally, if you were to wear only 2 pieces of this set for the partial bleeding negation, you would be losing 20 HP.


The -20 hp is there so that people would only be using the full set or almost finished set, why wouldn’t it be fine having an item set like that? Not all sets have to be the same deal every time


The psychology of your set is diabolic. You force people to use the sword with the seal together in order for the sword to get a busted proc, and then because the seal causes bleeding and the set bonus gives -20 HP, you basically force people to wear the armor. And to get the last 80 HP and whatnot, you force people to lose 20 more HP on the ring for a 10 att boost that is honestly not needed on a paladin if you were to use a damaging seal.


i’m not forcing anyone to do anything bro, when you get an st in this game you aren’t forced to do anything.
but if you just don’t like the idea that’s fine i guess, that’s like the entire idea of my paladin set.
And i feel like in the end, with all 4 items equipped (Which is why it’s an ST set) it’s pretty rewarding with a lot of health from the armor and a lot of damage in solo play


While thematically cool, I think that’s a little too gimmick-y and over the top :sweat_smile:.

Total immunity to 3 status effects feels like a lot imo and I agree the sword could be bumped down a tier or so depending on how hard the shots are to hit. Does bleeding stack on enemies? If so the seal is a bit busted (since it not only inflicts multiple times but also has no cooldown).

Cool theme and I actually like how multiple pieces work together. There’s no need for any of these to directly compete with current UTs.


While thematically cool, I think that’s a little too gimmick-y and over the top :sweat_smile:.

That’s very fair, if this set was ingame it’d probably be simplified a lot

Does bleeding stack on enemies?

No, if a single enemy got the bleed from a sigil, it’s limited to only one bleed, so standing in the sigil will deal 200 dps to it.


It is indeed complicated for Realm, but it balancing aside, it’s a fun looking idea on paper! :sweat_smile:

Even if it was worsened from its current state, I’d try it out, especially if it had a 16x16 sprite!


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