PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Hopefully you return safe and sound :crying_cat_face:


The fact that you question your return is frivolous. I have utmost faith that you’ll be back.
Partially because you need to read the Soulless Scribe’s Thessal x Royal Cnidarian fanfic that I recreated


Never realize Davy Jones would know RotMG could be a PvP game.


Owo? What’s this?


I’ll see you on r/otmgonewild


Thank you all for the kind words…I’m currently away from home for nearly 6 days straight untll now. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling depressed, lonely and in despair half the time in my new work place, still…I wanna try and keep you guys posted on art even though I only have old art to show until I return in 11 days…

Idk if I showed you guys these, sorry if it’s a repost heh, I don’t keep well track of what I already posted here

I used to love Undertale a lot! Thinking about the game now still gives me smiles, so a lot of these will be Undertale related


I’m certain things will work out. You’re going to be okay.



I fully expect an Undyne Knight ST set come the future
or some kind of weird Papyrus set idk how that’d be done


Spagetti bow

Lute of tromboning nyeh

BBaller robe

Bone crown


Hhhh thank you, as well as the others for supporting me while I’m away. Things have been a rollercoaster of emotions here as I’m approaching Day 10. I’ll be able to return home for a few days on Day 17, but it’s been rough.

I nearly did something drastic in a breakdown, to the point where the company decided to excuse me from sharp objects and confiscate all of the sharpies from me. Maybe it’s all for the better, if I ended everything there, I’d have disappointed you guys, my other friends and my family. So for you guys and everyone I care about, I’ll try my best to ride out the storm and hold you all close to my thoughts (sorry for sounding cheesy haha, I just…am not strong emotionally atm)

I told myself I’ll be strong…I should try and stick to that promise…

Here’s more art for yall. Again sorry if I reposted it but didn’t know. These were some of my bigger art pieces that took a few days to finish. First was done about a year ago, second was done 2 years ago. Last was 3 years ago

Also yesss I’d fully support an Undertale set in the game hehe

Note: Sorry if y’all are sick of the flowey art, I used to do a lot of them when I was starting out art because they were so easy to draw. Gotta start somewhere


There’s no need to be “strong”, it’s okay to be weak. Just keep muddling through and you’ll get there. I promise things will be better.


Approaching Day 14 out of Day 17. There’s nothing much I wanna say that I haven’t already said before, it’s still been as tough as always, but as long as none of my tendencies kick into high-key…I’ll at least be able to see home again soon and whip up something new soon… qwq

Here’s 2 Christmas pieces I did for 2018. They were supposed to be part of one extremely massive piece, consisting of 9 art pieces, arranged in a 3x3 grid, to complete it. But ayy, I never got to complete it, and some of the pieces were lost when I changed computers. Sad times~


You’re almost there. Just keep muddling through, and you’ll be back.


This is my first time seeing this thread but WOW! I scrolled through the entire thing. This art is real good. Keep making more! ^w^


Hhh thank you so much haha, glad you like the stuff here! <3

It’s now coming to Day 16 out of 17. I’ll just swing by one last wave of old art. These were done more than 3 years ago though sooo yea, not as high quality. But once I come back, I’ll try and whip up more RotMG related stuff yea? Love you all~


No art post here, just wanted to say:

I’m back!

And boy it feels great to be at home again ahhh, I think I’ll be chilling for awhile and getting used to my computer again before I do all the stuff I wanna do first x)


You made it! Good job!!!
I’m very proud of you and hope you’ll start feeling as well as possible :3


Welcome back!!! Glad to see you!


Moddy_-w-%20small Thank you guys~ It was really tough, couldn’t have done it without your support! <3

Well, no Realm art just yet, cuz I’m doing some birthday art for someone first~ Sorry if these look bad or sloppy, 17-18 days of not drawing does make one a tad bit rusty… . w.

edit: Bonus smiley Craig which I got scammed 1 kendo stick for qwq (upload://3ubNasevu2Mw9CvBzKa7C9nOFbo.png)



Bad or sloppy? Are you kidding? These are fantastic! So glad to have the one and only PhantomMod back!