PhantomMod's Art Fiesta



That inspired my latest stream header! Regardless, I’m glad these still look nice to y’all, thank you so much! <3

Speaking of which, here are the 2 stream headers I did for the past 2 streams uwu



And a final piece of birthday art featuring all of the 3 previous characters! Originally I intended to draw each of the 3 characters to warm myself up, and then the actual piece featuring all 3 characters. But I suppose I kinda went ham so it’s pretty much 4 birthday pieces~ . w.



What is this?


Yep, it’s another art reference~ I know the previous set with the Alliance warriors was supposeed to be the last, but due to a shortage in artist, I was chosen to illustrate this next warrior, had a good amount of fun designing the electrified claws and whip sword! Design was based on Yesbutno’s original reference of Ronin a good while ago:

And on a side note, I made a BRB splash screen for my stream. About time I made one, now viewers won’t have to question if the lack of action on the screen is due to me being on brb uwu


Where do you stream?





Was trying out a new mobile game and I stumbled across this boss, that resemblance is uncanny! I mean come on, it really looks like Oryx! .w .

I don’t have a lot of free time left, so I just quickly drew this all in like a few minutes . w.


My stream headers all contain my stream link uwu

edit: I suppose if anyone wants to read Oryx’s full call for some reason, here’s the wall of text used:



Latest stream header I did, polished the title up a bit this time round!


And so begins Season 2 of Art Fusion! There are a few changes made for this new season, but mostly everything is the same, such as the characters being picked randomly by a spinning wheel:

  1. Wheel is now reset! All characters previously chosen are now back on the wheel, ready to be picked again
  2. For each fusion, there will be 2 variations instead of 1
  3. Occasional revisits to Season 1 fusions, specifically the more popular fusions/good combo fusions, to polish and illustrate them as a standard character drawing
  4. A lot more characters this time round (feeling adventurous), referring mostly to characters I didn’t want to put into the Season 1 wheel because I wasn’t confident enough…which now includes some randomly picked RotMG players, bosses and enemies. Things are about to get real weird and chaotic…

Only did one fusion for now. I don’t have a lot of free time these days unfortunately, so the next set of fusions will come much later because now, to keep my promise, I’ll be actually starting on illustrating The Realm in my next stream to finally get the ball rolling, so stay tuned!


I hope you’ve been practicing your
underboob drawing skills :)))


Do not pervert our pure cinnamon bun with your crass ideas
perhaps another will be up to the challenge


Hoo boy . w."

I’ll try, always a first for everything xwx

S’fiiiiine dw about it, me not that pure, I’ve drawn edgy stuff before xP


I don’t think anyone other than a pure cinnamon bun would refer to an underboob as “edgy”





“Why is my name red?”

Latest stream header I did…spoiler alert, I didn’t get to play the game yet. Hopefully I find time soon enough, endless ravings for like the past week or 2 about this game haha

Nope, no art other than the stream header for now.

Comics take a rather long time to draw (apparently) . w."



Aaand more fusion stuff I did earlier today as a little break! A friend suggested that I should make 1 variant cursed/creepy and 1 variant cute/normal, so that’s now a new rule~

Didn’t have time to finish the last set for now, maybe next week . w.


Aaand finally finished that last set~

and some other misc. stuff I did for the time being:




This was my entry for my first ever contest I’ve decided to participate in: The Character Drawing Contest! Have been withholding posting it here until the results are out…which they are now. This entry didn’t win anything, but after looking at the other entries submitted, I can definitely see that the other artists are way more experienced and their works are a lot more polished, didn’t stand a chance there haha~

So epic congrats to the winners, it was fun drawing this either way! Moddy_Happy%20small





And wham, that’s the 3rd set of 10 stream headers~

As a little update, I’m left with 2 pages of The Realm before that first update gets released! \o/

Sorry things have been going slowly, my new work schedule really only allows me to host 1 drawing stream session every week, lasting only about 5-6 hours. This makes it pretty hard for me to actually get a lot of progress done, as I’m trying to balance 4 things on my art palette:

  1. The Realm
  2. Terrarealm (What a surprise eh? This is still secretly in production despite very little word about it, as I did say I rather finish at least half of the storyline so that my upload schedule doesn’t get unexpectedly delayed if something goes aloof. At least, the number of pages done atm is a double-digit number so yay, not too bad~)
  3. Art Fusion Season 2
  4. Miscellaneous art that I feel like doing

Not to mention my drawing speed’s not that fast, so in reality, every week I can only choose one of the four subjects to devote my time to work on. I hope my work schedule frees up soon, I’d love to at least make progress on 2-3 of the 4 subjects per week rather than just 1 subject x mx


So, after the art contest entry, I kind of got attached to the concept of drawing characters in card-shaped canvases, so lo and behold I’ve decided to do it again, but as fanart for another game!

Based off this character:

aaaand seeing as how you 7 people liked it too
here’s a little gift…if you checked this message fast enough!

First one of the 7 people to request one of their RotMG characters (preferably one that doesn’t wear metal armour since I’m not that great at that, but if you really want to go ahead~) down below will get a free character card art in the same quality (hopefully) as the existing 2 card pieces! Yay to returning the love for your support~ o wob


Looks good