PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Tried it out myself for the art contest, but I missed the deadline…Interested to see what you’ll come up with!


Another set of cards to hopefully fill a binder with!
next to my Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh binders that is


Awesome sauce, I should be able to finish by this weekend (I’ll be too busy for the weekdays), will be interesting working with your set~

Heheh perhaps, if this idea does go by popular demand I’ll probably continue to draw for a lot more people! And then when there’s enough cards I’ll display them in a “card collection book” canvas >w<


i’ve been scammed i didn’t notice the little nest hiding at the bottom of the post


It’s alright, I’m totally not gonna pull the same trick off for the next post, dooooon’t worry about it ;>


The past 3 stream headers!~


There’s nothing here, must be a false alarm…


Sike, I’m doing it again o uo

First one of the 12 people (excluding GammaGamer cuz you’ve already received your free card) who liked the Arabelle Character Card, to request one of their RotMG characters down below will get the next free character card art Moddy_Happy%20small


And of course, as promised for @GammaGamer , your free character card! Spent a crazy amount of time on it, like, about 14-16 hours haha;; Been a blast working on it, hope ya like it!

Now I have a card collection page! Hope to fill all 9 one day! ^w^/


Card me


Its honestly a miracle we don’t have some kind of Among Us reference in Realm of yet.
guess Ugandan Knucles was the killing blow


Ooh, I love it! Much better than my try without a doubt haha :smile:
Speaking of which, I should post whatever I completed in my own thread.


I would also like my warrior to be carded, though since mr eyeball has none of my characters I will need to get a picture myself
(Unless all 7 requests have already been taken…)

Edit: picture of warrior

@GammaGamer make that your pfp as it is both spooky and awesome


Phantom said “first one of the 7 people,” so…
Anyways, as amazing as the drawing is, I prefer my profile pictures as things I create myself. But for my phone wallpaper…that could definitely be a consideration!


Well umm, what is the price of a not free one? Cause that card is pretty dope


You gotcha~ The next one will take a while since, as you can tell from Streamer Header33 (Among Us Ref), I have to go fulfil another task first to keep the balance up.

Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll see a reference of sorts, especially since I heard there’s an upcoming dungeon to be released sometime in MotMG. I’d love to see one x wxb

Glad you loved it! Everyone’s got their style dw about it, I just saw your illustration and it’s pretty crazy how everyone has their own interpretations of how these little 8x8 sprites look like when they’re drawn out x)

Hhh never expected anyone to see my works with any sort of monetary value, thank you for that comment >w<

Unfortunately I don’t have commissions up and don’t plan to for a good while, personally I’m still in a state of limbo in deciding whether I should open them due to lack of confidence, so for now winning a free request will be the only way to get carded owob

As for the number of requests, though it’ll take 6 more requests (or 5, after Wilhuff’s is done) to fill up the page, I might do another page of 9 card requests. But this heavily depends on demand for this kind of work. Each card takes a much longer time to do than my usual works as I’m using a more detailed experimental art style for them. So depending on whether people like seeing this content, I’ll decide whether I’ll continue this series~ >w<b


This is a robbery. Give the cards over, i have a gun !


Does that mean there is space left for me on that card :?


It’s very cool - you have my vote to keep it up!

Edit: Also I want to become a ROTMG trading card - who wouldn’t want that?


Yeah, these are amazing and I would love to eventually have a card as well if you end up making more! I am happy to see other forumers’ characters brought to reality as well.


Hhhh I love y’all Moddy_-w-%20small

Aighty, at this point I think the only thing that differs is the order of which characters are chosen first. It’ll take a really long time to cover everyone, but eventually I’m sure we’ll reach there… 1 card at a time uwo


oh so now everyone’s getting a card by brute force


Was a bit confused until I read those nested comments. Feel bad for asking now when he was making the offer to other people.