PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Since I’ve seen a few folks elsewhere doing this, I decided to do one up myself! What a journey it’s been, here’s to hoping the 2020 decade will start off strong~ ^-^

Happy Belated New Year to y’all! Looking forward to that new Unity shenanigans happening this year for Realm

Bigger version if anyone’s interested


Phantommod- Its rewind time!


can i buy a poster version of this


I’m downright flattered that someone actually wants to hang my art in their room haha, thank you! x)

This one’s a whacky idea, but I’ve always wanted to actually make a comic of my own. I’ve already finished writing out the story and drawn a few pages of this thing, but I don’t want to upload any until I’m at least ~50% done with the entire story, because I’m concerned with whether I can actually finish the entire thing without leaving people on a cliffhanger with a long hiatus due to various reasons, so it’s kind of like a safety net in case anything awry happens.


It’s a crazy idea? Yea, it is, what am I even doing o- o"



Oh boy, another comic for me to enjoy




I see you play terraria too


Disclaimer: NOT my art, but a fan-art from an amazing friend from Spiral Knights (Credit: Zyper)

I’m in a tightly knitted group of friends that originated from Spiral Knights. We consist of just 4 people including myself, but we enjoy doing a lot of things together, whether it be Spiral Knights, Steambirds Alliance or Terraria.

Currently we’ve been doing multiple modded Terraria playthroughs together, playing under a server hosted by Sushi who is another external friend and our main server hoster guy. Either ways, one of my friends liked the idea of me bringing my dark elf huntress into the universe of Terraria, and so walah, this is Ameonna wielding a Daedalus Stormbow and holy arrows, which is possibly my favourite ranger combination and nothing else bests it for me x)


Heck yea, I hope it sticks haha, I’ve been enjoying the story fandom here in Realmeye so far, keep the posts coming! :>

Awww shucks, thank you too, it’s always a thrill to draw simple characters as a break~ <3

Yep! Terraria’s just superb for countless hours of fun. Still doing modded playthroughs with my buddies, but after our current playthrough we’ll have to think what other content mod we haven’t tried out yet, after all, we already played through the Big 3 content mods, so yea… o ^o


stares in [ROTMG Comic] The Realm
also stares in [ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate

been a while since I’ve been to Terraria but I can imagine a lot of the stuff there in a world like ROTMG and vice versa



i have exams so i don’t have much time to draw until next thursday


Ha have you beat the moon lord with mythril and a minishark



I’m sorry wilhuff for letting you down but school is getting wack



Sorry @Wilhuff for not bumping the thread to avoid closure.


My PTSD of having this thread locked due to severe inactivity gets to me even as my final school term rolls around, so yep, here I am giving this fiesta another ol’ update!

New profile picture update! I’m currently in the final school term before I graduate…assuming I don’t actually fail anything and stay back for another 6 months to retake anything T^T So yea, just a little play on the phrase “Gone fishing” and getting reminded that I have to hit the books for at least another 6 weeks. Not particularly worried for any of the subjects except for one of them, but hopefully dedicating more time to revising that subject will pay off! ^-^;;

And stay tuned for another character art posting! (edit: Two actually!) …Which I’m not sure when it will be posted to The Realm thread, but when it does I’ll slap that link here as usual~

Oh yea…The Realm

(pretends not to see the ensuing chaos in the few replies above)


Heck yea, got the ball rolling once again! There’s actually 2 pieces in there by me, but one is hiding under spoilers, so for those who want to know what it is without clicking it, it’s a revisit to Meghan the Shrine Priestess~

After drawing my Butterfly Wizard with a coloured background, figured it was only right to stick to that style and try to make any future character references I’m doing stand out as well. Furthermore, I actually got some assistance with making Christine’s art from a friend on doing up her pose, wanted to experiment in making slightly more action-like poses, and so there’s our attempt! :3

So yea, was really fun drawing them again in a slightly improved version :>


Revisited an older piece I did back in 2018, trying to experiment a bit with colouring styles . w.


And I decided to go back to it and do the drawing in my usual style instead. I rushed the background a bit, mostly because I plan on drawing something else for the weekend


Party Crashers (CNY Special 2020)

Ahhh I’m 5 days late T ^T So sorry for the belated RotMG LNY piece, I didn’t expect it to take that long (~22 hours active time)

The Mad God has decided to host a Lunar New Year party for his fellow minions! Unfortunately, that little klutz Craig has somehow messed up and sent the invitations to some familiar Realmers, and now his party is ruined! (or is it?)

Special thanks to my stream followers for sticking by me throughout the drawing process, helped me to maintain my sanity through socialisation o uo! Here’s a credits list to which characters I used and from who. I forgot to note the names down before and rushed to hunt them down again, so feel free to tell me if I accidentally marked someone’s character wrongly~ .w .


Oryx: You were supposed to destroy the Realmers, not join them!

Jokes aside, this is brilliant. The amount of details and effort gone into this is huge :+1:


You forgot to mark Bilgewater with @BiIgewater