Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


man I have no clue why people are arguing against you rn when you’re literally right


I really dislike this logic. I mean yes, its true if you are in a group only one person should be playing pally, one person warrior, one person mystic, and everyone else wizard. But that is sooooo boring. I like to be self sufficient, and Momento Mori gives necro another aspect to excel at. Just because one class is the best at a certain thing doesn’t mean all other classes are irrelevant.

A necro in a group without momento does even less damage than a necro in a group with momento, so if you are gonna be playing necro momento is a top tier drop


And these opinions are why we can have a diversely equipped set of players out in the battlefield, because the presumed meta isn’t always the same for everyone, and we can be equipped for different situations. How boring would the game be if all of you thought the same way?


To add in a quote from Robin Walker,

(and I’ll paraphrase this bit:) “we’re off worse if someone doesn’t do it, but I don’t really want to do it, so I’ll just jump on that class for it this one time but I won’t have any fun doing it, because I want to play wizard”


Chief Beisa’s fight is well designed and entertaining.


Why do you think it is?

-You can literally cheese most parts of the fight if you back off and go to the opposite side of where beisa is

-Instapop mechanics (both from sanctuary minions and falcons) that are just here for some reason??

-Unnecessarily long bossfight and useless damage caps that can be made even longer with a simple decoy at chase phases

-There shouldn’t be slowing shots in a bossfight where everything can run over you and kill you. If you are pushing in and actually doing damage to the boss and eat a slowing shuriken, you are forced to die or nexus whereas if you’re just leeching at the back of the group, you’re fine. This incentivizes leeching and makes the fight even longer.

-The battle overall is just a bullethell where you’re forced to eat shots if you are near the boss.

-It’s too easy and not much of a challenge. With absolutely no knowledge of beisa, i managed to survive first try without a discord group (it was in july, when o3 was first released).

-Not really a point, but it lacks originality. When i say “dammah” people will think of the badass knife wall or miasma. When i say “leucoryx”, people will think of his light and dark forms and the infamous 3rd counter. When i say “gemsbok”, people will think of the coin shuffle phase and possibly the rotation phase. But Beisa? Apart from falcons, nothing really stands out in his fight.

Overall, the fight feels badly designed, long and not challenging. It it definitely my least favorite miniboss.


PVP would be fun if it was properly implemented


I strongly disagree.


Isn’t that the point of this thread?


I love the idea of the fight. I love the feel of the fight- it really makes use of the ENTIRE room, and the boss chasing me throughout it is really cool. The mechanic with the banners is also really cool. His minions that follow him around and spread out in formations along with being able to stasis them giving mystic a use- I LOVE IT. Everything about the fight I love, but it does need some more work to make it play well.


Realm players are superstitious.




Kendo stick in the 7th slot and fire sword in the first. Wine cellar dance when the wc isn’t popped right away. Trading with people before big end game bosses die (might not be a superstition, but I’m pretty sure it is) and so on.


The fame rework kind of sucks. I enjoyed never even thinking about getting 2000 base fame within a few days. (The last time I was seriously into the game was like 3 years ago. I don’t think fame was reworked then.)

This wasn’t meant to be a reply to myself


No harm in disclosing this process! @Xaklor @Puffagod ever since last June, we’ve had a pretty clear and guided UGC process to help solve that exact “anything goes” issue you both mentioned. The biggest thing is that UGC projects can’t just pop up anymore. We have an organized pitching process for creators, and it’s not just some formality for show either. We reject pitches pretty commonly (with explanations and suggestions of course) to make sure content is made that we know fits into the game mechanically, thematically, and with our overall plans.

We’ve also gotten a lot more involved within the active development of UGC projects as well, frequently having organized team review sessions for feedback and giving support where needed. UGC definitely used to be a wild west (which Xaklor can surely attest to since you saw that period yourself while in testing), but I think we’re well past that era now, and UGC is kept a lot more consciously in line with a singular vision for the game.

Not to come off as patting ourselves on the back, but I’d like to think we’ve gone at a pretty solid pace so far? Reconstruction only began with the first wave in September, and from that point to now we’ve already released ten full-scale reconstructed dungeons, most of which are effectively brand new content from top to bottom. It’s not instantaneous, but I hope 10 complete reworks within 6-7 months on top of all other development isn’t seen as too shabby. :sweat_smile:


Ahhh this is very good to hear! :smiley: And you’ll forgive my syntax - indeed, I think reconstruction is going tremendously quickly: my comment referred only to the introduction of a holistic game identity that Seelpit was talking about, which I stand by.

Although I’m still pretty perplexed as to how opaque the process of becoming a part of the UGC group has been. There was a closed testing application at some point - am I to understand that this was an unspoken pipeline to UGC? So far as I know ‘promising’ people are somehow appointed behind the scenes - but with all due respect, I have no idea how and why most of the members have earned their spots. Maybe blog-style introductions like the ones the devs have been getting are in order?

I really hope you guys continue all the good work, especially refining and introducting a unified vision for the game! C:


imo the easier the better. this game has been getting way too hard, with pet and priest nerfs, hard, un-sfae-spotable phases and adaptive HP scaling. MAKE THE GAME EASIER DECA.




You are talking about the literal hardest dungeon in the game. I recognize that this is the unpopular opinion thread, but the hardest challenge in the game should not have safe spots. You should be on your toes at all time, knowing that you could die with just one or two slip-ups.


Pet and priest nerfs are the best thing to ever happen to the game. Plenty of people learned these bosses (me) after they were executed, so it’s not like its scaring new players off or anything. if it were up to me, LH and Osanc would be MORE difficult. In an MMO like Realm, shouldn’t it take more than half a year of accumulated skill to beat the hardest boss in the game?

edit: I got my first o3 complete today, almost 4 months to the day I came back. I came back as a light blue star who hadn’t even looked in the direction of endgame dungeons.