Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Np mate


i was mainly talking about endgame content. the difference between late-game (LOD, para, etc.) and endgame difficulty is astounding.


That sounds very reasonable. Deca will need to consider how forge will play with modifiers, when they become a thing.


If that is your going rate for Shatters you should enter the lottery or something, lol. Very much looking forward to the rework (hopefully) putting some loot into that dungeon.

Also, can we please get that in LOD? Literally don’t change the dungeon, it’s fine, just make it drop at least as many pots as Cem. It should honestly drop even more based on its difficulty, but that’s at least a start.


The Hive is not an easy dungeon for the level it’s aimed at image

The line is above 0 DPS, so I see no problem with hitting soulbound there.


When competing with other players, you’ll easily get out-dpsed, and I’m assuming he does play with other players (not a bad thing btw)


So they get out-DPSed. The only reason why that should matter is if the boss dies beefore they can hit 'em, or if they’re hunting for an Oryx 2/3 callout.
For soulbound, DPS barely matters - unless you’ve got something that is literally unable to deal consistent damage, or gets entirely nullified by a monster’s defense.


kendo stick actually decreases luck instead of increasing it


can confirm this is not an unpopular opinion


Enforcer nerf was well deserved, makes it closer to the realm of a “split” shot weapon, fortunately not to the point of dblade.

See post here:

Of course I don’t have one, but I think it’s a non-biased opinion as I loved how samurai/ninja got buffed with it, but never gotten an enforcer.


hopefully you get one this o3 event


I know this is late, but welcome to the forums!
This opinion actually isn’t as unpopular as you may think. So many of us, me included remembering how useful that staff was at the point you could expect to get it. Sure, it gets outclassed pretty quickly once you are experienced, but it has same average damage per shot as t7, but dps between t8 and t9 with 110% fire rate. in addition to the extra 0.45 tiles of range, it is an excellent item to use when you would get it in the progression of the game. Still a very popular item for PPE characters starting off.


especially for upes, that can be a long running staff for them


T14 staff is better than superior. it scales way better with defense, it’s easier to use, and it has way more range


That’s no unpopular opinion, and Superiors still good in some situations like O3


??? ive never seen some1 saying t14 is better than superior


Really? I do runs sometimes in vet raids and the opinion largely is that T14 is the best staff. Superior sees limited utility for armor broken targets


Scholar’s Seal costs way too much. It gives 1.5 seconds to most abilities with duration (30% for 5 second abilities) . Gives extra damage (+33% to the base damage) to the T6 Scepter (+100) and Skull (+60) and gives 30 more HP on tiered seals (varies, but +25% to T6)

For comparison, take the Sandstone Seal which reduces IC by 0.75 seconds. That’s 37.5% more reduction for 40 Vit classes, 20% for 75 Vit classes, all for a whopping 70 MP. It is arguably just as impactful. (Though, I don’t know if it’s still bugged where it can stack but spamming too much reduces the boost to around +3 Vit)

Scholar’s Seal doesn’t seem game-breaking so why does it cost 200MP? That’s 80 MP higher than Oreo and 65 MP higher than Marble Seal, both of which have higher and more direct impact on gameplay. Anywhere between 100 and 150 would be more reasonable and would scale well as more classes gain Wis-Mod.


If the wis boosting didn’t affect you you’d be right. Or if it had a cooldown.


Is it really that big if seals only last 1.5 seconds longer? Oreo lasts 0.3 seconds longer. Also, it’s already taking up inventory space so I don’t believe a high cost is justified.

Again, the same thing can be said with the Sandstone Seal. It also affects your In-Combat timer, but I don’t see it having such a high cost.