Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Increase the effect of the item by alot and make it reduce speed on use.
I feel this would cerement it as the “tanky” helmet.

The drawbacks of this is that it would just become a knock off cshield.


Maybe reducing Armor Piercing shot damage by 1/4?




trickster is one of the most powerful classes in this game if you use it well, tp is usefull for lh rushing and hideout rushing, and well used decoy can save the group more than one time, you just gotta train on good tiered decoy use


This was made in like 2018 lol


Hmm not too sure, the whole armor piercing effect could be nerfed slightly to make the helm a lot more viable.

Otherwise they could add some sort of proc which they’ve been doing a lot with items.


So like if I mained assassin for years, I would know the most viable times and places to throw my poisons, therefore the air time on poisons and boss movements/invulnerability wouldn’t matter? Thus assassin wouldn’t need a buff?

Or if I mained rogue for years, then I’d know exactly which shots quiet, and which enemies and boss phases do indiscriminate shootings, so losing invisibility from quiet shots isn’t that bad?


There’s quite a bit of a skill difference of knowing how to play warrior efficiently and how to throw assassin poisons at frame perfect positions, which is probably near impossible or would take hundreds of hours to practice, even counting in that, assassin would still slack when it comes to damage even if you by some chance managed to hit 100% accurate poisons, hence why it needs a buff either way.

The second point however, stands true. If you want the max dps on a rogue in endgame content it would be neat to sit down and memorize shots that quiet/silence, however it isn’t advised as rogue is one of the worse classes in the meta.

Overall learning the speed changes for warrior and getting used to them shouldn’t take near as long as learning frame perfect positions when throwing assassin bombs.


Jugg itself can do that if we are going to buff it.

Basically when Armored using Jugg, say something deals 35 armor piercing damage without the effect, would instead inflict 26 damage when Armored.

Though this might cause some kind of inconsistency with enemies like O3, Void Entity as they may have to reduce AP damage by 25% when Armored as well.


As someone who enjoys Sorcerer, I do not believe he needs a buff. Somewhat mediocre DPS but ranged AND the massive 75 Vitality cap (especially post-IC/OoC) are the saving grace.

Same thing goes to Assassin.


I agree with the sorc however he does need a new scepter

But assassin needs a buff. The whole point of assassin is to be the “dps” of the dagger classes however as of 27/08/21 trickster does the most dps and has the best utility out of the dagger classes which is ridiculous.


At the most I would give him a Wis-mod to decrease the mana cost to toss a poison. Basically every Wis beyond 50, reduce the MP cost by 2.


kabam let me lose manny chars and my acc for 1 time as well …
But Deca let me lose White star for 3 times and now i lost many stars on older chars 1 week ago i played summener firt time was fun plaed on 1600 alivefame now i have him on 1 star … this is f…ed Shit updates Deca…


it was way too easy to get 5 stars with a class. every noob could bring it up to 2000 total fame. so the update was absolutly necessary.


that’s just cshield but worse.


That is what I said ??


No assasain needs big buffs to his dps. The simple fix would be to just increase his atk to 70 but poisons just need to change in general.


rotmg needs a dash. this would make gameplay more fast-paced, and allow for faster movement and better QoL. for example, when the new bridge sentinel jumps, you could dash away and be just outside his shot storm(?). this would also allow bosses to be faster and less boring, making it a lot easier to keep playing. this would also allow for more item customization. imagine a cloak that gives extra dashes, or a waki that, when activated would dash you to your cursor while you are invulnerable. things to note are that after each dash there would be a small cooldown (0.5 seconds?) and the dash would go about 10 tiles. you would not be invulnerable during it, but you could still shoot. this wouldn’t make trickster irrelevant, because the dash wouldn’t go through obstacles or walls, and would take a slight amount of time to perform.


IMO, shatts 3rd boss should drop t14 weapons, as it is far harder than o3


And don’t forget, King himself have just 12k HP less than O3 AND the HP scaling decided to go on steriod.