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Shield Rework: Hold ability to summon a shield that faces cursor location, blocking shots. dexterity is reduced while ability is held.

This would make knight THE tank class, as he can basically delete shots. however, the knight’s DPS is greatly reduced, meaning that he has to choose either damage or tank. this would be great in mbc, shatters and other dungeons with either dangerous tentacle phases, or lots of shots. a well organized group of knight could even make a 360-degree circle of shot deletion. however, it does not delete AoEs, which means that a stray silence grenade could destroy the knight’s defenses.


LOL shatts 3rd boss doesnt even compare to o3, its so much easier than o3

And I don’t know if this is an alt account but from checking yur realmeye you dont even have an o3 exalt let alone a top damage? Please do not spread false information kthx


??? ive always thought new king was harder than o3, since you can just leech on the other side of the arena from him, and only dodge in celestial. find me a place in the new king fight where you can just leech. sure, o3 may have higher damage shots, but if those shots never reach you, their damage is 0. but, everyone has their own opinions on what’s difficult. also, just because you can’t complete something doesn’t mean you can’t say what’s harder. all of my shatts completes were pre-update


Let me put it this way, the only reason I personally enjoy this game is for getting top on o3. Currently this game is in a very boring state for many players including me as the new shatters (for someone that actually pushes in at o3) feels very underwhelming especially with less dmg/less hp dungeon mods. Hell cray has already done it solo petless.
My point isn’t what is theoretically harder if you take into account leachability, I wouldn’t say you have “completed” an o3 if you just leached post celestial. I currently only have 4 completes on the new shatters compared to a much higher amount of o3 completes that I can’t really count anymore. However I have had 0 deaths learning new shatters and completed the entire thing without any practise on testing first try. O3 took me over 20 deaths to get 50 completes which is expected from an endgame boss. Sure I’ve gotten alot better at this game but that doesn’t mean I should be able to beat such a hard dungeon first try.


i see what you mean. and i agree. o3 is harder than shatts if you do not leech, but the fact still remains that you CAN leech, and you CAN still get the t14/15/7 items and whites by leeching. that was my point. leeching in o3 is the easiest way to get the new tops, so, if new shatters is harder than leeching o3, why shouldn’t it drop the new tops aswell.


Okay? That’s not what the game and the loot says. Arbitrarily placing your own definition of what a “complete” is doesn’t mean anything lol

I don’t even agree with Sans that much I’m just saying x)


The game doesnt say a lot of things about the current state of rotmg. My argument had nothing to do with what the loot and game says, I clearly stated that I was talking about what I enjoy from this game thus this argument is from my point of view. Not once did I mention loot either that is a completely different topic all together. What I’m trying to say is that you haven’t really “beaten” the final boss of rotmg if you let everyone else do the work.


The problem with loot in this game is forge. Forge ruins the value of all UTs thus the only “rewarding” loot is the t14/t7/t15 tops. I don’t think shatters should drop all 3 however I’m not against the idea of each supper buffed dungeons (reworked shatters, future dungeon/rework) dropping 1 top each. Such as shatters only dropping the t15 armors. I still think o3 should be the only boss to drop all 3.


ok but if they buff the shit out of everything people will be frustrated to do dungeons and pop keys and deca will lose money


My take on this is that shots in end game do so much damage, that defense is practically worthless since it has such a small difference on shots there. For O3, his shots do on average what, over 200 damage each.

Now lets compare a ubhp to a ring with defense, hell lets make it +20 defense just for this assuming the hp of what we’re testing on has 800 hp. 180 more hp will allow you to tank almost an extra hit, while 20 defense will allow you take (800/200 -> 4*20 = 80) 80 less damage.

In endgame, defense is terrible compared to health.


Pets’ Heal and MHeal should be combined into one stat.


perhaps have it only drop the t15 armors and t13 weapons, like nest dropping t14 armors and t12 weapons. would make sense


hmm, i agree. imagine mhealheal + savage + electric


ok I never said anything about buffing lol
The only topic here is the fact new shatters is way easier than o3


Tshot and Torment Skull aren’t that good TBH, same to Tetz’s and Tlatoani. Those UTs aren’t exactly that great.


Well, with all due respect, I did make that opinion more than 2 years ago, so things have definitely changed a lot.

But to account for the current times, Tshot is still a really good budget bow if u want an option to mow down armour broken bosses or clear out mobs fast. The buff it had gotten a while ago definitely made it hold its relevancy, but of course it loses out to other bows geared towards endgame. I personally don’t use it atm because I have a surplus of pred bows and bergenia bows, but it’s still a good weapon to pair with a dbow for weaker players.

Torment skull, honestly, I cannot judge as I’m not really a necro user. It’s pretty niche tbh, considering the one place u want to Puri is in boss battles, and most don’t have enough clumped minions together to do that.

Oh man, Tez staff is still a godsend. Obviously you should not be using it as a main staff, but it does a very good job at clearing out golem rooms in LH as well as several event and dungeon bosses. I for one would hate using a T14 against the avatar or the stone guardians. The Tez staff is also surprisingly easier to land both shots as they are tightly knitted, and also travel further allowing you to snipe from afar. I say it’s still a really nice staff to add as a swap out, it still excels at certain things that other staffs can’t do as well like Superior or even the Cult staff.

Tlaotani really has just been quite a meme robe, I haven’t seen anyone actually use it practically because the sacrificing of all survivability doesn’t pay off with the MP boost it gives


I use on my budget support Priest <3


Dear god…




Seen as though I rant alot I thought I’d make my updated unpopular opinions that no one asked for.

New shatters is incredibly easy compared to other dungeons on first release
Colossus sword is not a very good item and the average player will lose dps from using it
Similar to colo, I believe lumi and other weapons with a slow shot speed are bad for the average player
Corruption cutter is by far the best dagger
Leaf bow is the second best bow in most situations to pred bow
Cranium is heavily underrated and by far the best ring on dps swords/katanas/daggers
Shielding is the best armor in the game, it gives 24 dps stats with the proc which is more than a vesture
Mystic (especially with the new shatters orb) is the best class
Small/efficient runs are actually fun to do (may be bias as in smaller runs its easier to top on samurai)
Potato is better than crown especially if you are using a t7 ability (not very unpopular)
Void is harder than MBC if your w a s and d keys are still on your keyboard
Most exaltation dungeons are actually fun to run even if you already have max exalts
Discords are good for the game and its fun to interact with people you would otherwise have never found
Half the problems the community complains about are not the fault of deca

I’m open to debate but if you write a wall of text I wont read it so try to keep it small and to the point