Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


There are only bad players, not bad classes.


Doom Bow is unbalanced due to it being very strong for a god lands dungeon white. All the other ones serve a rather niche purpose like void blade or the staff of extreme prejudice. Doombow, on the other hand, does a great job at multiple things like high defense enemies, single target fights, and clearing


for clearing, id use a cbow if i have one or a covert/bbow if not.


The main thing that would make mystic better is a damage buff.


Mystic doesn’t need a buff


More Unity Support. There should be different color glows. More money=cooler glows


Dblade is pretty great too though. It is a great sword for glands farming(besides maybe pixie) and is great on glands dungeons.


A gold glow that lasts X minutes/hours after you buy gold, could be a thing to sly encourage people to pay.


Yeah, but you don’t see any reasonable player running around with a dblade in a high-end dungeon like Lost-Halls or Thicket using a dblade.


I don’t get it why so many people think that Omni is so bad though, like, if you compare it to like bracer, which everyone loves, it’s practically a straight upgrade from that. But everyone hates Omni.


Plus, it is strictly better than nile.


People are retarded, big surprise there. 8)


plot twist: bracer is also bad

omni just gets singled out because it’s harder to obtain


That is one hell of an idea. That would be dope!


The only class that Omni is godtier on, is Necro (maybe priest). Every other class there is probably a better ring.

You already get HP from skull, so you don’t really need more, DEF is most useful since as a robe class, you already have very small amounts of it, wis modifier, more DPS, letting you come a good amount closer to a wizard, and the extra MP is basically an extra Skull usage, which = more dmg (hardly), but more importantly, more POTENTIAL HP (yes, if you’re quiet/silenced, or don’t hit any enemies, it doesn’t heal you, but 95% of the time, it’s an additional 110 HP heal).


Realm needs more early and mid game updates if it wants to survive long term.

Assassin and Mystic are fun, well designed classes.

Elder Realms will probably never be added no matter how much we want them because of technical issues.




With this, I don’t mean ‘We have the Hive, dw about it’, I mean 'Give the Hive an update already it’s in indefinite limbo of “too hard for unmaxed players, too easy for (mildly) maxed characters”.


You’ll need to come up with a pun-word for a Hive rework.


“Wasping at straws, or how to salvage terrible dungeon ideas”