Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Probably an easy update would be to just lower the enemy count pre boss and make the boss a bit slower, and spawn in less of those damned b e e s
/offtopic to be honest…

Er… Unpopular opinions, yes.

Pure Mana rings are better than pure Health rings.


I’ll have whatever he’s having


Care to explain?


If you can dodge well (only thing I’m decent at in RotMG. Kind of.) extra health is unnecessary and mana gives you either more damage to kill the thing attacking you quicker, or buff you, or heal up the missing health anyway.

Of course you’re more vulnerable to insta kills, but since I know what could kill me that quick I can make sure I don’t get destroyed. If there are moments where it’s very hard to not take damage (bullet hell fights like Oryx 2 new phases) or you’re suddenly unable to move (those damned MT archers) then health would be more useful, but you can 1. Know when those situations would come up (I’m talking about things like O2 or Daichi or Colossus) and swap rings, 2. Avoid most of those situations, and if you can’t, then you’re in trouble. Whatever. :man_shrugging:

I just like having more ability uses than more health. Maybe that’s why I die so much :thinking:


You could also argue that you reach soulbound regardless of the extra damage, and the health is beneficial in every single situation as survival is more important than loot in practically every scenario. That’s also why you probably die so often. Think about it, literally every person, even pros, play with pure hp or high hp rings.


I don’t usually bother with harder content unless I’m maxing life/mana (rarely happens), and because of that I typically solo godlands dungeons, where extra damage (and not all abilities deal damage anyway) can be useful to complete a dungeon or finish a boss phase quicker.

Since I can dodge well the additional health is usually wasted since we get constant, powerful heals from pets and natural regen, or even from abilities, so the small amount of damage I take when a bullet hits me is replenished by the time I get hit again. Survival is important, but I rely on dodging rather than more health to survive.

Generally pros tend to not care about dodging too much from what I’ve seen on youtube, divine/legendary pets heal them up quickly.

My causes of death come from instant pops where high HP might have saved me with 50 health or something, sure.


ok but
bear with me

what if you could

dodge AND have higher hp???


Woah, really? No way!


Tiered bows aren’t that bad
Atk is pretty useless in most dungeons(unless you’re soloing), since you’re probably going to get SB anyways
The event chests aren’t that bad
Pets are good- they give fame a purpose, at least until you get a 100/100/100. But then u could always go for a different setup pet
Expo is trash and deserves to be tossed
Samurai is trash- the exposed debuff is useless if someone has ogmur, which usually larger groups do
Getting past o2s minions on long range is harder than o2 itself
Assassin is a good class and fun to play- u get easy loot and you have decent damage and range
LoD chests should stay- otherwise melees wouldn’t be able to get much loot. Melees aren’t all useless, since they provide great buffs that multiply ur dps by 3 if u are constantly buffed. I know tomb is very hard for melee, but tomb at least has a nice drop
The new void is too hard
Deca is good
Dblade is overrated
Maxing life is a waste of time and its only purpose is to flex
The same goes for mana for most classes
Realm isn’t that toxic
Begging is fine as long as you don’t spam or use caps
There should be disable players function- whenever I’m in pub halls, I can never see any of the shots coming at me because the group covers it all up
Lost sentry is best event cuz u get a lot of pots and it isnt that hard


not true. It is possible to make an enemy go to -20 def.

that is VERY popular.


i always unset my nexus key and dont play with off-center and rotation(i dont like off-center, sometimes i play with rotation), and to add another unpopular opinion, off-set=trash without rotation


I don’t think anyone would debate you on this. Off-center without rotation severely limits your field of view. In dungeons especially, it’s more of a liability than anything.


Okay, but what if…the bosses…become melee friendlier?


Assassin isn’t necessarily a bad class. It just doesn’t excel at much and there’s not much reason to use him over other classes that are more specialised.




Realm is a game that is designed to get you easily hooked and once I thought about it, it has ruined my life in many many places, so I pledge to quit realm once and for all (I already quit twice and I promise this will be my last and final time quitting). (I’m not gonna give my account away because of my email address)


You mean undefined?


They aren’t. They just get outclassed like hell by the UT bows.

They do give people an excuse to do the dungeons.

I present you: 6/8+ priest with prot, puri, or t6. Very long range, but with those tomes, it’s literally a cake walk.
Then again, it’s not saying much, as o2 is easy.

Tombs on melees is rather simple. Just use a sword like A.S.S. and you’re good to go. Or maybe you can just reach sb on the first phases if it’s a dirty tomb, but overall, they aint too hard a fight.

Fair enough.

I personally don’t care too much about beggars, as long as they’re restricted as you say.

Lost sentry is just free guaranteed pots. No argument.


Rushing to o2 is hard only if you’re not maxed def

This shouldn’t be this way. Deca should instead review the bad fight design of this dungeon and then remove chests so it doesn’t promote leeching

It’s not hard, the only thing in it being hard is if you’re less than 4 doing it, then it can be difficult to cover all the corners and get past the dps wall to kill minions

I’ve survived with less than 100hp on maxed life characters dozens of times, so that can be pretty useful


You arent a good mystic player if people dont hate you