Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


If nobody can tell whether or not you’re actually a chimpanzee that’s been trained to believe pressing the spacebar will make bananas appear, chances are you’re not a good Mystic player.


The new potential camera mode on unity is sick as hell and will make screen rotations basically useless


Deca has a good sprite.

Scutum is actually good, you are already aiming your sword, why the hell not just aim your shield, too.
(May not be unpopular, but ive met several players who think the opposite of this so I figured I would post it.)


i ever think that the Scutum was the safer shield because his 4 seconds of stun. thats a lot of time. with 4 seconds you can permastun enemies without a divine pet. never thought that people say scutum was bad option


scutum is just a rare version of the T0 shield. With the T0 sheild, you can permastun with a leg pet.


You CAN, but scutum gives more room for error since it requires level 84 mheal as opposed to level 90 for T0.


ASS is the best main sword I have (i.e all of them but Colo and Splendour), because it has a good range, but the slower firerate is essentially negated because in almost all situations you will have a warrior buffing you.

DBow, however, is the most useless swapout in a standard archer set because the firerate is so slow that every shot you miss tanks your DPS, and even a warrior buff can’t fix that.

The campaign was totally justified and a good idea.

The Encore is the most fun dungeon in the game.

Unity won’t fix hacking, but if it fixes lag it lets most of the people that hack for lag switch to prod.

Gemstone is the best ring for Prot Priest.


That’s the point of a dbow. If you can aim, then it’s a very good bow. It’s good for high hp targets that don’t move too much.
And the “tanks your dps” bit is the reason why dbow is not useful in situations like Lost Halls clearing and godlands. You waste too much dps by killing some enemies, when you can deal a lot more with others. You stated the drawbacks quite accurately.

But it’s all fine and good. Your opinion isn’t too unpopular, as I find a lot of people using dbow less and less. I personally stopped using dbow that much, especially when I have other bows suck as leaf bow and void bow.


Tricksters and mystics are the best support classes and lifesavers in the game if played properly.

Samurai is a good class.

Ghostly prism is better than T0 prism for pure teleportation.

Nectar crossfire is maybe not amasing, but still pretty good.

Pixie is overrated.


I completely agree with this.


mystery boxes are misery boxes


Csword is the best sword there currently is.

I’m not joking


Yes good damage with range.


I don’t think that’s an unpopular opinion.


Yeah that’s rather something people agree on.


Shaitan’s Lair is a good dungeon and more people should run it


Mini dungeons are more fun and unique than Oryx and the Wine Cellar

In continuation of that, mini dungeons and Janus are more worthwhile to do once you have established a small amount of wealth, as WC tops are now much easier to obtain, either directly (Wlab, Shats, LH) or indirectly (Tops nowadays go for 1 life at most). The chance to get rare, potent UTs will definitely outweigh the rewards of the WC for me




Trained fame is legit fame.
Sure trains are kinda broken, but 90% of the game is an equally dumb grind.


For the current definition of fame, yes.

For the “fame”, as in experience in the game, I don’t think it is legit, since you don’t earn any experience in dodging, monster patterns and such while mindlessly running in a crowd with autofire for hours.

Which brings me to another unpopular opinion I have : stars and the current fame system means nothing. Apart maybe from light blue stars, which can be considered as just having started the game and still learning its core mechanics, I consider all other players based on their actual skill at the game instead of their star ranking.

So yeah, I consider a dark blue star to be potentially equal to a white star, since that blue star could have got a white star without being any good at the game.

In the same matter, I do not consider having high alive fame to be an achievement, apart if said alive fame was aquired without fametraining. I admire characters that have thousands of alive fame out of raw playing and skillful survival and the player behind them, but I do not care about people with the same amount of fame if they’ve aquired it through fametraining or any other easy means.

Achievements and being seen as a good player should be awarded when you’re good at doing something, not when you’re able to repeat an easy task over and over for hours.

Also the reason why I think private runs of the game shouldn’t be based on alive fame but rather achievements, like proof of soloing a dungeon. Whatever.