Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I think this is something that you can take into consideration in many cases. I think that it’s not impossible to consistently land perfect or near-perfect spellbombs. It just takes practice and timing instead of mashing the spacebar hoping to land one perfect spell.


Opinion - Using space bar for your ability sucks.


Now that I agree on


Pets suck


You might need a better pet


I meant pets are unbalanced and with them the game isn’t as challenging. I don’t use pets intentionally as I see it as playing realm on ‘easy’ mode.


without pets the game would be really slow… which some people might consider a good thing, but I like the current fact paced game play


Agreed. Have you seen petless shatters solos? They take forever.


I wholeheartedly agree with that statement- It offers +28% range for -29% damage, but that extra 28% range will help more than that extra 29% dmg off of the splendor.


How about the fact that if you aim and focus (intended btw), the colo sword gives you +24% damage for the same range of csword? I know its wavy pattern, but it’s not that hard to aim once you use it for more than 3 seconds.


true, but one is frustratingly rare and the other is notoriously common. csword is so much easier to acquire than colo, which adds to its value since you don’t have to panic about losing it all the time.


honestly i reckon ass is better.

its just as (more?) common, it has more damage and only .5 less range. I feel like I don’t use that .5 range as much as i appreciate that extra damage. plus i like the sprite better :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, because:

  • Essentially pay-to-win
  • Though possible to be free, costs are disproportionally high
  • Abilities are either god-tier (Heal, MHeal, Electric) or barely useful (Savage without offensive ability)

No, because:

  • Increases pace of the game
  • Allows players to invest in something that allows them to improve over time

The cost issues can be resolved with ease, the strength can be nerfed, but I’m not sure how to make abilities usable. I did once read an interesting concept of having pets have Heal and Magic Heal as base, “integrated” abilities.


The extra range of csword can really make a difference, in places like parasites or unmaxed/semi-maxed glands. Ray katana is a really op katana for like an extra 3 tiles or something


I’d argue that it hits more of a middle ground.
Playing a Katana class without it is fully viable, but having one can help out in various situations where bosses are hard to approach.
Therefore, while not OP, it’s far from borderline useless, as some people may say.
Can it have a 5% fame bonus though…please…CSword as well, I just don’t want thos whites to be less than tops in terms of fame…they buffed Spectral’s bonus, too…


Totally missing the point but BTL managed to do one in 18 mins :stuck_out_tongue:


I think soulbinding whitebags is bad too, however, they should not be unsoulbound before finally fixing duping.


The normal hive is actually ridiculously had if you don’t have a proper healing pet.


Ring design is really poor; for the lategame content HP rings are better for 95% of the cases. Since UBHP gives so much HP it outclasses a lot of rare rings. Compared to a pyra it gives 80 more HP which will save you from 1 or 2 more attacks than the 4 def from pyra. The majority of the rings are just utter filler. Outside from classes with wismod or things which want to spam abilites, like assa and wizzy, you’ll never need another ring but UBHP except for style or to do a normal solo dungeon about 10% faster. We need to nerf UBHP and give other rings more meaningful stats.


This is off-topic, but am I missing something in the hotkeys? How does he transfer items from his backpack to his inventory with one click. Also, is there a way to do the opposite? Inventory to backpack with 1 click.