Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Oh I never read the wiki srry


May I ask why it wasn’t worth wearing?


I assume it is because before it was buffed, its stats were 45 HP 45 MP 1 DEF 1 VIT 1 Wis like it says at the bottom of the image


who wrote that wiki? expo was always good…


Hacked Client, if not morally wrong, would not be bad


i always join the most populated realms!


Uh, the ToS exists even if the moral issues are resolved


Just because it’s not legal doesn’t mean it’s wrong


He never said it was wrong.


sorry. by wrong, I meant bad


Ninja is the best class in the game


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Needs more loot boxes for that sense of pride and accomplishment.

Also needs UT mystery boxes


Lost halls destroys RotMG


Samurai is an enjoyable class


alright which one of you necro fanboys out there…


spirit does more dps than cdirk

i tested both on nile artifact, and the distance spirit has gives it the benefit of being able to destroy it before a cdirk can


CC on Knight is good


Pets are bad.


Source Stone needs a nerf