Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


They never said pets weren’t the problem or that they saved rotmg. They said that they monetized the game, which is essential to keep a game going because these things have costs.


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The General Chat Thread

Game is too easy and people only die to bullshit reasons like lag. Make it so dungeons are hard and you can’t nexus during them (but also design a way to prevent people from leeching). Maybe make this a togglable feature and you get better loot for enabling it


It’s not that I don’t understand his arguments separately, it’s that I don’t get how they all congeal into something coherent.

Which is why, again, I’m probably going to abandon this discussion before it completely derails the thread.



My unpopular opinion is that things should be nerfed instead of buffed, with the exception of pets.


Why exclude pets from the list? Pets for sure need nerfing in one way or another. Pets break the game more than slightly unbalanced items.


Pets I leave in a ??? zone because, well, people did pay massive $$$ for them and tbh I don’t want to start the pet debate here


I paid $$$ for mine, and I don’t understand why people would rather have this game be braindead than actually have it be balanced


I think that people should play with the set they feel is most visually appealing, regardless of functionality.


but by the same argument, doesn’t cdirk outdamage etherite?


I have a powerful pet too and think it needs a nerf. However, I think the bigger issue is that so many people are allowed in a dungeon that most of them can be easily steamrolled


You certainly bring up a good point; you can’t deal damage if you can’t hit the enemy. Hence, increasing your def stat can at times be more beneficial than increasing your atk when it comes to dealing damage, simply because you can get closer to the enemy and stay there for longer periods. Perhaps we should talk about potential dps when referring to weapons for this reason.


Attach an asterisk here, because you may think the Kendo Stick is the Speedwagon of this game but it really won’t get you anywhere


Though if you’re maxed and always playing in a group (never left to solo things), a kendo stick I think will hit soulbound in the current game so if you really do love its sprite or mythological RNG whatever, there’s probably nothing stopping you using it.


Deca should take legal action against Pservers once the unity port is finished (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)


Aren’t pservers going to die anyway with the death of flash?


Maybe? it’s possible they could also port to unity or some other engine. but either way, Deca is gunna have to give Pserver owners a wake up call. Because imo most pservers take assets and code from prod, so technically it is illegal for them to host them especially for monetary gain (whether it’s using the money to continue hosting or otherwise).

that’s just my speculation…


I think that won’t happen but we’ll see

Code-yes. Assets-it depends, if pserver owners bought this> they could get away with most sprites.


They should remove sick from this game…and replace it with a lot more pet stasis and silenced.
That should bring more emphasis on vit.
Abyss of demons should drop speed, and snake pit should drop vit, coz speed>vit.


It would be too much hassle for what it’s worth.

Not to mention, if pservs can’t transition away from Flash then they’ll just die out by themselves.