Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


To be completely fair, Epic Games didn’t have to work with half a dozen years worth of spaghetti code.

Then again Deca is at least partially made of former Kabam employees if memory serves, and they’re relying on unpaid volunteers for a lot of their new content.


Fortnite is running on Epic Games’ own engine (assuming it runs on Unreal, I don’t play Fortnite) and I imagine the in-house documentation for that is absolutely stellar (inb4 epic games dev comes into thread to say that no they’ve seen the abyss and it’s actually terrible). Epic Games is also an AAA company with tons of employees and years of experience in developing video games.

RotMG is a Flash game being managed by an indie game company with much fewer employees that as mentioned above also probably have to try and deal with the inevitable spaghetti code in a game that was likely never expected to grow as huge as it did.


Yea. We need UT trading again to revive the game and the economy.


it wont revive the game, itll kill it

the only thing keeping some people around is the grind for items
if you can just buy them theyll leave

also rwt is a thing


Although I don’t think people view being able to buy Etherite/Pixie/Decades/etc as an alternative to grinding for them as a quitting matter, people seem to appreciate being able to die and replace them without a month/year long grind.


If ut trading existed I would quit for sure
RotMG is centred around 2 key gameplay loops

  1. Dying and rebuilding
  2. Loot grinding

Without having to work hard for items, they become worthless to me. I don’t care if I die on a character with Decas, pixies, FPlates, etherites, souless etc because I can run some halls, or godlands farm and get them back like it’s nothing. Having to work for UTs keeps me coming back. If I die with my tshot, for example, it’ll take me ages to get that item back. That’s what makes me value my characters and come back to the game.


I’m not for ut trading in the games current state, given rwt and duping, but I hate the fact that dying rids me of the item/s I spend hours trying to get and renders my progress for naught. Tiered items are just plain boring after playing for so many years. I value my characters and not being able to get them back fairly easily means I can either never play on them, never risk losing them, or I can actually have fun which is sort of important for a video game but risk losing everything and having to spend a lot of time not having fun and grinding pots and items again.

My opinion is that the rarity of white bags is annoying, and in my eyes I don’t see how not being able to get game changing items makes it more ‘fun’.


You do realize that this is the ‘post your UNPOPULAR opinion’ thread…
Don’t cap off on folks for saying something that you perceive to be wrong, because 90% of this thread should be that by nature


um, ignoring the different in defence, sexiness, fame bonus, longer range, higher damage, etc. I know im late checking up on this thread, and this may have been sarcasm, but if it wasnt than you must’ve been high as hell good sir. Let me have what you had.


opinions invite discussion, if you post your opinion, even on something that is a thread about unpopular opinions, you invite yourselves to have a discussion about it. No one (I think) was looking for a safe space when they posted to this thread, but were looking for a place the vent or talk about their opinion to other people who already understand that the opinion is not mainstream. Posting to other threads just invites a bunch of idiots calling you stupid names, posting here means there is actually a discussion that can be had about them.

If someone can change my mind about something than good for them to do so, means they had said something so infallible to me, that I was willing to swallow my enormous ego, tuck my massive dick back into my pants (I pretend its massive because Im insecure) and admit that I made a mistake.


I don’t think this game will ever be mainstream because of the style of game play, but it can definitely be more popular than it is.

Also not sure how petless plays into this, I don’t think you should be able to buy upgrades for your pet (maybe still buy your pet to divine without actually boosting the stats of it, that way people can pay to get the divine look and size, which is fair and completely vanity) but you should look forward to your pet being a stronger companion throughout the game.

Personally I think pets need some more depth to them apart from just healing, If they want to nerf the healing ability of pets they needs to find something else that pets add that make them a useful addition to gameplay.

I know having my pet to fall back on after a hard death, both as a goal to build up and make stronger, and also a companion to make the next play through a little easier, was one of the biggest reasons I was able to stick through this brutal game for so long.


Wow a genuinely unpopular opinion, let me go ahead and rip into it like the good little keyboard warrior I am.

first, ninja can’t be the worst class in the game because, without ogmur (one of the rarest damn items ever ffs), knight is the most boring, mediocre, shit class I’ve ever had to suffer with. Objectively, without my opinion, the worst class is assassin, it offers no meaningful group contribution apart from being able to insta bosses if you cheat hp scaling and lag, it has shit dps on its own, and its a class designed for leeching (I have a lot of fun with sin btw, 9/10 class would recommend).

It is not slow, and it does good damage, especially considering it pierces enemies and can throw a star.

dps graph of highest damaging classes per weapon compared with the ninja. All tops set for each class, and no buff. Warrior is really the only class significantly better than it, and thats to be expected since it has even lower range and doesn’t pierce enemies

It is objectively just a ridiclously fast class and you were totally lying when you said its slower than other classes. Only if you go for a raw speed build on something like a dagger class will they even compete with ninja.

The only thing you have is that it is not very tanky and short ranged, which is somewhat true, and, even though it can be accounted for with ut’s, I’m trying to keep in mind that not every player can get these UT’s.

Even with that in mind though, every class tends to have some sort of draw back to it.

All this means is that the ninja can be considered somewhat of a glass cannon, which makes it terribly fun to play, you can zoom yourself around the realm and shred everything to absolute bits, you just have to be mindful, pay attention, and actually dodge (it’s almost like ninjas were skilled warriors from the past, who were adept at hand to hand combat and didn’t rely on heavy armor to just deal with any attacks thrown at them).


this, ffs, I am so sick of people bitching about lag because they had a random spike from the massively growing player base that resulted in their shit 1/8 wizard ppe dying.


I dont think a straight nerf is the best thing. I think pets need to have the ability nerfed, but need to be more flexible in what they can do and what can be done with them, so I guess pets need to be nerfed sideways rather than straight down. Some way to work with your pet essentially like another player rather than just having some clueless mess of pixels follow you that can’t even figure out how to get to you in a sprite world.


Mystic is hands down the best class in the game.


wow, 6 replies in a row :sweat_smile:


Just because it’s the unpopular opinion thread doesn’t mean that we can’t have discourse about it fam


Nah, this isn’t the politics thread so discourse can never ever happen outside of it.

Feel free to post your opinion there tho :wink:


Dang, I got a couple essays replying to my obervation.

Just to clarify I’m cool with ppl having ‘discourse,’ explaining why they believe something to be incorrect, mainstream or not. The slang ‘cappin off,’ as like 1 other person her knows lol, is when y’all here see something and go RERrrRrEeeeeEEEe​:triumph::triumph::triumph::fire::fire: and roast the dang person tryna say something, not just bluntly saying why a certain argument is inferior, and obviously not mainstream


Except for the part where it completely derails the thread?

If an opinion is just flat out wrong, then yeah, they can be called out on it. It’s the “unpopular opinions” thread, not the “dumb shit that’s been debunked a million times” thread.

If it’s going to lead into a massive tangent where you reenact every other thread on UT trading though? Not the right place for it.