Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Yeah they give a lot of fame, but by limiting the playing experience. You shouldn’t be rewarded for not using your ability when it can be used to help the group. Pacifist is just leeching. Boots on the ground is promoting raid style play where you just have a key popped for you and follow the group. It’s honestly ridiculous that many of these were implemented. Fame bonuses should reward you for things you did, such as cartogropher, leader of men, slayer of gods, tunnel rat, and accurate, and not things you didnt do.


I was going to make an argument against this, but then I realized you meant it being powerful relative to the other pieces.
I don’t get the appeal of it, though - it seems like a bit of a dps-obsesser’s armor…


I don’t get the appeal of it either. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s pretty much the only unique thicket drop that most people find “valuable”.

I’m just extremely tired of 30-40% of the players leaving the dungeon immediately after the first boss is killed during thicket runs.


The only reason to why I can’t agree on this is because duping is still alive and well.
However, if they managed to get rid of it, I would support an update in which new UTs that drop will have a different ID and be tradeable, while the old ones pre-update will remain SB to prevent dupers from unloading their vaults.

The part of being the sense of pride and accomplishment doesn’t mean anything to me. UTs are tools to be used after all.


To meet reqs for discords, which are ridiculously high for some.


I’m kinda confused. Do Discords require you to have that specific item?


High end ones require you to use dps centric gear to speed up runs. That is the highest dps hide, so yes, but there are other options


Now I understand the frustration. I assume those are the Discords where the pros and topshot guilds gather.


The staff and the star are reasonable imo



That explains why they require specific gear. If you’re cheating chances are you tend to die less, and having a smaller community means that you’re less likely to get snitched on.

Btw, where do the pros and topshot guilds gather?


That’s a way to simple way to see it. The existence of pets in the current state limits (as I stated above) the tipe of content you can put in the game. If it doesn’t change we are going to see more and more of traps, enemies or any thing that shots 15+ projectiles because hitting all of them at once (one-shot) is the only way of killing people.
So no interesting dmg over time or enemies with single non-one shot projectiles will ever work since damage that doesn’t kill you is healed in 7 seconds by a pet


I’m unsure how unpopular this is but Electric really shouldn’t deal that much damage. It’s AoE meaning it deals damage to multiple enemies and has 100% accuracy. On top of that, it also inflicts a status effect. Yet, it deals more damage than Attack Close which may or may not hit and deals damage to only one enemy. I honestly think its damage should at least be halved.


Ninja is the master race

  • S tier
  • A tier
  • B tier
  • C tier
  • (We don’t talk about this)

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Samurai is OP with max Mana build. Pair that with Bard’s Energized and max Divine, you are basically spamming Waki the hell out of it.

Ogmur can Armor Pierce Void Entity but cannot Armor Break.


Now combine that with a Watarimono ;)


Oh yes, Watarimono. The most mana efficient Waki, even beating Royal and Crossing Fire.

if Watarimono only fires 1 slash, one hit can deal 3k. I rather that because it can handle even higher Def enemy such as Tormented Golem and Nightmare Colony.


Samurai is a good Class
Ninja is a good Class
The Samurai ST Set being super fun
You don’t need a pet to play endgame content
Gemstone + Oreo on pally is actually fun to play with
A.S.S sucks


getting white star off of just doing lost halls is killing the exclusiveness of white star.


Games lost a lot of its appeal since Deca started doing all these events ruining item rarity and also making older items no longer rare. (ex. cheater armors) Thoughts?


People who only value realm for the loot would be better off playing any pure loot collector game as 2/3rds of the game’s genres (Permadeath, bullet hell) clash with this aspect, creating too much division within the community on how DECA should design the game, hampering it in the process.