Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Has anyone ever seen a sewers troom? I’ve never seen one in the 3.5 years I’ve been playing (granted, I was a noob for about 3 of them), so I kinda feel like they are either obscenely rare or don’t exist.


You’re absolutely right about this, but 5k fp once a month (not even) doesn’t change the fact that it takes years to get a divine pet.

If Deca is truly convinced that pets are bad for the game, they need to put their money where there mouth is and this means killing off their pet revenues.

The road from common to divine should take significantly less time then.


Yeah, @WaterPower has, lol! I remember that was what he posted in the introduction thread, and I realized that I had never seen one. Since then I have fully run through about 25-30 with my rogue, and I still have yet to see one.

One day…


They do exist. Their rarity comes more from the players rather than the chance to see one. My personal reason to seek the power pizzas is because I’ll feed stheno with em, so she is more favorable to give me sweetz.

Lemme pull pictures:

Seriously, clearing these bad boyz with the right loadout gives decent and proper fame ngl.

Wow, 30 sewers? Dang, continue persevering @Furyborn, you’ll see one someday.


How does giving everyone free divine pets show that DECA is against pets


If they’re committed to making ROTMG a game where skill shines through, they need to take steps to put players on an equal footing and let that skill shine.

Thus, if revisions to pets happen they should should also address the effort needed to make a divine pet.

Toastrz specifically said Deca was willing to suffer a monetary loss in the name of balance. I’ll believe that when I see it.


I too, have witnessed them. Not lately, but I’ve found around 20 total. Delicious pizza and wonderful void blade… at the price of killing the baby turtles and creating a separate timeline.

A helpful thing to consider are these when hunting: there are certain room shapes that are dead ends where you needn’t sacrifice precious time pressing through a ton of enemies, and like the abbys groom, you always enter from the south. Just have the answers to his questions handy if you don’t already have them memorized!


They are very rare, i found one once.


I disagree with that equal footing you’re talking about, because the patience and dedication needed to get that pet to divine is a skill, and should be rewarded as such (it currently is).

Emotionnally surviving all those deaths? Hard.
Having the patience to go through rebuilding characters, when you have no backup character or pots? Harder.
Going through years repeating this same cycle over and over? The hardest.


Just do what I do and don’t care about a few pixels on a screen.


Paying money is skill?


That’s probably the reason I still let myself do games in general, let alone Realm. Although, I don’t mind caring about games in a positive way when that happens, but normally that comes with good characters/storyline. (Music doesn’t count in this case, but that affects me more than anything else in a game)

Getting upset over a Realm death has never happened for me, not even when a fancy char of mine popped with roughly 52 life on it. Pointless. Move on in the seconds after the surprise death.


You clearly dont use trix to its potential, you’re able to solo halls, shatters (apart from 1st boss), nests etc. pretty much every dung through rushing it… You calling it a shit class is pretty sad, once you learn how to actually play it you’ll realise its good


I don’t use any class to it’s fullest potential anymore, because I don’t play this game anymore. that post was made over 2 years ago :thinking:

but if you really expect a properly spicy response, then here’s a hot take for your consideration and inevitable rejection:

trix is absolute garbage because rotmg is absolute garbage. anything that is a part of rotmg is trash by association alone, and it is impossible for anything within rotmg to be good.



Doing dungeons that drop decent fp items consistently is skill. Amassing wealth by merching and buying incs is skill. Doing halls so much you get a massive amount of fame without dying is still subjectively skillful.


But you can literally buy pet food.


Most status effects are complete garbage (esp. blind, confuse and paralyze), have survived on a toxic ‘git gud’ culture and mask a lack of talent (or technical capability in terms of hitbox, movement tightness) in combat design.


false as proven by my pfp

Additional “hot take”: Electric shouldn’t inflict paralyze.


You just need to git gud


But pet food is useless unless you have fame, feeding with gold isn’t very sustainable long term.