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alien gear is shit, doesnt work at all lost gear to it.


Well, you died to O3. Did you expect the last-resort proc effects to save you, seeing you didn’t even have the full entropy set equipped ? As a previous entropy priest owner, it was a very good set.


Here’s the catch of the alien armor to make it so you aren’t a god amongst men (some of the time…):
It only triggers when you’re at 1 - 75 hp. If you had a shotgun hit you and it pops you instantly, it won’t help you, because it’s likely that your taking damage that is putting you to 0 hp or below. However, if you’re taking hits rapidly, as opposed to stacked, that’s when the armor shines, because your health is being whittled down, even if rapidly.


And hit by a shot. Which makes this armor very niche.


And fame farming constantly isn’t very sustainable either.

And besides, plenty of people feed with gold only, especially for higher level pets (legendary and up) precisely because the fame cost per feed increases more than the analogous gold cost, making fame feeding a lot more inefficient.


Selling equipment for real money in a permadeath game is just outrageously unethical in my opinion. I know this alone may not be an unpopular opinion, but it seems so crazy to me that they ever put gear up for sale in nexus.

Selling loot drops pots, chests, slots, skins, dyes / clothes, etc seems totally fine ethically speaking, but the sale of equipment has always been outright bizarre to me. It’s crazy to me that Kabam and now Deca have gotten away with it for so long. I also cannot think of any other game that does that, and I am pretty sure if there is another example, it would be some shady game lol…

Anyhow, if you read this and agree, be sure to always warn new players not to purchase equipment for real money, because they die with it and don’t get a refund (new players aren’t explicitly told that in the tutorial - not that even that would make it ok).

To me, it is basically inexcusable, and I’m still surprised when I go away for years, every time I come back to see them all still for sale…


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tbf, everyone knows not to buy those. but new players might drop like 5 bucks on a covert, so i see your point.


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I remember losing a great 4/8 archer with tops back in 2013 to a green potion. Back in 2013 tops were super duper expensive so I was extremely bummed. Never died to a green potion since.


Ah, green potions, how I hated them

A small rant on dungeon naming conventions (and why the name "The Shatters" sucks)

This is totally 100% a guess, but I think this is just one of those things that DECA has overlooked and just hasn’t had time to get around to with all of the stuff going on with Exalt’s release. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw tops in the nexus get removed sometime soon. I think it’s just one of those left over Kabam things that have yet to be cleaned up.

On the contrary, I’m more than okay with the sales of ST items via mystery boxes because the ST items seem like a sort of side reward for players who are just trying to get the ST skins, you know? It’s like they want to reward you along the way so that you don’t feel like you wasted your gold if you roll the box a bunch and don’t get the skin.

But yeah, I may make a full write-up on this because I think removing tops from the nexus is one of those QOL updates that needs to happen ASAP to remove yet another remnant of the damage left by Kabam.


I tend to agree with you on the ST items via mystery box, although I have a separate issue with mystery boxes in general, but that’s a different topic really (transparency of rates is important I think, as in always providing the odds for each loot tier in each box). But as far as the sale of ST’s, I don’t see it as poor-taste ethically speaking, or as off-putting to brand new players, as are the tiered equipment sales in nexus. The ST’s don’t really appeal to new players, because they are still learning the game, but the items they can readily tell are higher tier do appeal to new players and might get them to make those purchases. Also conversely, it is off-putting to many new players to see the direct tiered upgrades of their items for sale for cash in front of their faces.

So in summary I agree from my perspective, the ST’s is a much lesser sort-of ethical issue than the tiered items in nexus, and really the only issue I have with the STs is in the transparency of loot from the mystery boxes.

Edit: And I’d add that the day they remove the items from nexus, I’ll put in a 20 dollar gold order, just to support that move on their part. Shit I’d make it 40 if they put all the loot rates on all the mystery box tiers as in-game info.


Don’t forget the paywalling of new STs for campaigns worth up to $650. It’s not just sold in boxes.


I don’t mind these practices. They can go ahead and pre-release UT’s for ridiculous money if they want, so long as they release them as conventional drops after. Is it a greedy, shitty money grab exploiting vulnerable and wealthy players? Yeah, kinda unethical imo, but ultimately this practice doesn’t hurt the game actively, at least that’s what I think.


pick one


Adding to that, some dudes bought ST items with real dollars. I see people doing this and died with those ST item they threw using real dollars. It feels like throwing them down to the drain…

I mean I would rather throw my fame for dyes or clothes than gold simply because you need real dollars for that currency. I would rather throw my dollars for Vault chests, character slots, pet yard upgrade and skins.

Not pets themselves because if someone hacked in to your account and release you pet, you are going to feel your dollars has cheated on you. And who knows if the Support is going to bring back that pet or not since Deca has too many tickets to respond.

Fully agree. Adding to that, also be sure to forewarn any level one characters who are using WC tops/ST/White bag items, because if they died with them, they are going to have hard time getting them back. I have seen dudes doing this.

Throw your dollars for Vault chests instead.


I think the amount of people significantly affected by Deca’s marketing strats isn’t great enough to say it’s hurting the game, also I think their strats are very similiar to those employed in other mmos. Not to validate their actions, but they do “what everyone else does”