Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Septavius wants a word with you.


If you can’t dodge then, expect eating Septagun from 'im!


Fair enough, not like he’s that hard to dodge that a survival ring would be useful

Anyway fuck you, vit ring better than def ring :sunglasses: I only played NPEs recently, im jokin don’t hurt me


I like UBVit LOL. Petless characters spices up the gameplay to the next level.


Speaking of, here’s an unpopular one; petless characters are significantly more fun than those with pets.


Another unpopular opinion, petless characters tend to play less reckless (because they have to dodge), therefore increases the survivability.


That’s more a fact than opinion, but k


They may be, but try MBC post ic/ooc, decent pet is basically a requirement to finish survival with the godawful pop rocks, towers and drivebys…


just dodge lmao


If anything, MBC has become easier for those who can do it petless, considering they’ve only gained a buff with the out-of-combat regen.
That said, doing MBC petless already means you’re insane, so I’ve gotta agree there - on the condition that we add “for the average player” to it. :3rd_place_medal:


Crown is overrated. 110 HP 6 ATK 6 DEX imo is not as good as even 140 HP from an Exa HP. How many times have you nexused with 30 or so HP? The 12 offensive stats is good, but if you don’t have it worst case scenario is the boss you’re soloing (because that’s the only place it matters) takes 30 seconds longer.


Slight disagree: a knight with a atk close/atk mid/atk far pet could have the same amount of fun.


You have to waste fame and items on your pet, I disagree.


Fame: you get from inevitably dying.

My point is, those 2 things you can get easily, even more so with the vital combat update (more dying and more drops if i’m not mistaken). So its not actual waste, its reclaiming things you wouldnt use otherwise.

unless you buy every single cloth and dyes on each of your characters and like to offer your UTs back to their owner by letting them stay in their white bag


2nd piece set bonus should be greater than the 3rd piece set bonus (and 3rd > 4th)


If Deca can fix duping (really fix it) then nothing should be soulbound


beefcake skins are overrated


libs are very satisfying to clear (it’s my fav dungeon), nests are fun and worth soloing (preferably on piercing classes, especially on ninja with rage claws/kunai), and i HATE buffed blue%20bee way more than buffed red%20bee


While I generally agree with your, the new knight skin is amazing.


Cult staff is extremely overrated