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More than just Quiet that made UBMP useless. It’s the HP meta that render non-HP UB ring nearly useless to most players. Not even factoring in endgame content, but even in casual gameplay HP ring is still considered superior by many.

He’s an OK to me. But having him change from Wis-Mod to MP-mod would be a bit too much. More like combining them may work. I occasionally use UBMP on my Sorc (well to spam my Scepter more often but for some reasons, it’s just not my kind of playstyle for him).

For me, I always wanted to learn to solo LH (can be either Cult or MBC) without Discord/YouTube helps. But darn, it’s already difficult to access the respective dungeon without buying keys in the 1st place. And you are right about it’s unforgiving, and this is why whenever Testing is up, I spam LH solo practices.


Mindset of an advanced player. As people progress their standards are increased as well. A good example of this are 8/8s. Years ago they were a big accomplishment, but now it is another chore that is annoying to do. If you consider the mindset of newer players its better for them to have these things instead of forcing them into harder situations

Sin is supposed to be a higher skill ceiling char. Timing poisons take skill and reward those who take the time to learn them. Im pretty sure DECA wasn’t intending on having a braindead char.

I think the whole point of rng is to be a reward for those who spend the time to get items. It can also be a surprise for those who do not expect a certain drop.

I can agree that they should state actual drop chances, but this isn’t very important as most things that are bought are cosmetics, and you can obtain things like st items by other means.

Sorry efficiency is highly sought after. If you remove finding dungeons and just have them always available, endgame dungeons become more meaningless and certain dungeons will be untouched. The hard part of dungeons isn’t just the contents of the dungeon itself, but getting up to that point as well.

Again, difficult dungeons are difficult because of the journey to get there. This also serves to prevent people who do not meet requirements from entering. If the person isn’t very experienced, this can seem unfair, and if they are, they can be seen as griefing. Kind of going back to the previous point, removing this removes the progression in this game.

All endgame bosses I can think of have dialogue relating to certain phases. Please mention a specific example because I genuinely do not know what you are referencing.

MP rings are useless because people prefer HP or def over it. Debuffs give more incentive to dodge than just doing a lot of damage.

After the update, sorcerer is a very strong class. I don’t know what a “MP based class” is, as it is one of the classes affected by wis. I would believe it is a wis based class. However, your idea for using all of your MP for one scepter use is an interesting idea.

I personally do not know that Realm heavily emphasizes swapouts. Most players do not like having many swapouts. The only situation I can think of that uses many swapouts would be priest and having many dps tomes. But this is very niche (but I do not know for certain how many play like this)


What is this blasphemy, sorc is like best class in the game rn, if you slap a fallen wand + devastation on that class, maybe a covetous heart ring and a star mother robe, DANG is that an op class


dream lumiaire devastation vesture horn set :flushed:




I would grab a Potato instead.


ok thats actually too far i dont want to say anything rude here but no


Why? Sorc is already squishy without the Defence boost.


You would have to take 19 shots for potato to be better defensively than crown


Oh the math calculation of HP vs Def.


I wont disagree that sorcerer has it’s conditional worth. However, I think the average entry-level player doesn’t have anywhere near the ability to get all of the items together that make the class good or enjoyable. Notice the “if”.


Fixed that for you.


Oh, I forgot to put “everything should be standardized to 32x32 and the entire game should get an art/animation revamp” in my original post.
That’s sure to belong in this thread.


I think it would be cool if we had an in game option to switch the sprite art style, but I don’t think replacing the current sprites is a good idea. And this is coming from someone who has spent way to much time making larger sprites for in game items/skins.


No you didn’t,

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There was no question mark


“Is that an OP class”. “Is that” is an interrogative term.

And now we are bickering about English grammar WTH…


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