Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Wait it’s better dps than mercy? Thought it was slightly worse but had other stats


yeah it has worse dps


It’s not slightly less damage, it’s a lot less damage. For comparison, acclaim beats divinity dps.
To be fair, comparing Colo to Divinity isn’t quite fair because they fill different niches, but divinity is currently bugged and what makes it a lot less practical is the locked beam range.


Shield is terrible, seriously. Anything moves a bit and it becomes entirely useless. Also knights are for stunning, not dps. Use buckler if you are so desperate for it.


Glad Guard is definitely the best out of the 4 and one of the best O3 whites overall.


Horn is also good, and I personally prefer it over crown (but this is because I like more survivability stats than dps, personal preference/playstyle).


This is coming from someone who owns (and uses) these items, btw.


U don’t have a single melee that has been seen in two weeks. You also don’t have a single death to oryx 3. You sure u got them? Cus it sure looks like you don’t, unless rdtwoo is your alt

" Divinity is always better than a T12/13 sword, overtakes a T14 sword at 59 defense, and outdamages the Sword of the Colossus at 109 defense."


Yeah it kinda seems like he doesn’t know what he is talking about. (No offense intended to him). On a different note, just realized that @Disisstupi is in my guild!


Do you know the current state of ripper? It has been nerfed so hard there are no real reasons to use it besides obtaining the set. Also, I would be strongly against nerfing Oryx katana, because katanas do not need a nerf in general and it has less range than a tiered katana, low shot speed, and lower damage than other alternatives such as the celestial blade.


if we were to nerf the oryx katana and buff the others (which they need, or a full tiered weapon rework) we’ll repeat the dagger changes.

Just an interesting note.


I think both is good.


I am guessing you just got this from a dps calculator, in which case it didn’t count the insane extra damage from the exalted beams.


O3 post celestial is too hard (I have around 100 completes)


coming from someone who has never gotten past celestial, I personally believe that oryx 3 before celestial should be more difficult. I am very happy that the difficulty ramps up, because when I get to celestial phase, that’s when it truly feels like the final boss in the game. I don’t think it should be easy.


imma be honest, i goofed on glad guard.
mercy is better for dps
not gonna edit my post so that other convos make sense


Perma sicken and instapops are bad game designs


Is that even unpopular? Pretty sure like 99% of the playerbase agrees with you


wont say much about instapops but perma sicken seems fine
idk what you are referring to specifically, but in all the scenarios i can think of, you can dodge shots or survive the phase that gives you sicken
the whole point is to reward those who dodge, instead of the face tanking meta that we just had


People still have mules with shittons of UTs on them back from the first duping days.
Instead of just unsoulbinding everything (after fixing duping, ofc) they’d need to keep all current UTs sb and create separate clones of each item to drop non-sb. Otherwise the economy would just be fucked right out the gate.

That said, I agree.


so like what they did with legacy?


*uses ctrl+F to search in the original post for The Shatters*


Overworld lacks any semblance of artistic theme, it serves almost no purpose, and 90% of the enemies in it need deleted - that or overworld itself needs deleted.
Levels don’t serve any purpose other than giving semi-randomized “rolls” to a character, and uniform base stats for every class would function a lot better.
Characters should start at level 20 because levels 1-19 don’t add anything of value to the game.
Assassin is designed to be able to damage invulnerable enemies, but it’s design is an abysmal failure. Assassin would be better if his ability literally just allowed him to damage invulnerable enemies with his dagger.
Purely rng loot is a scam and is ultimately just an excuse to have less content in the game, forcing people to revisit earlier parts of the game for an indeterminate amount of time for an item they want but may never get in a reasonable amount of time.
Paid lottery boxes with rolls labeled with things akin to “Rare” and “Legendary Loot!” are a scam and the community should be in an uproar over it if the actual drop chances are not stated.
The game’s primary gameplay loop is running dungeons for stats and loot, so having to find them in the overworld is essentially the same as waiting to play the game. This is why keys are the primary source of income for the developers and it’s a cruel design. I understand this source of income is important for the developers, but they could figure out another way to make this income.
Permadeath, as it exists in the game, is just an excuse to have less endgame content. Practicing a dungeon is blocked behind leveling up, maxing, and then actually finding the dungeon. Then, the bosses do not communicate at all whatsoever what they’re going to do. There are no telegraphs. There is no forgiveness. If you make one mistake in an endgame dungeon, you have to spend a couple of days rebuilding to just try again.
Sprite world is the first dungeon people need to care about when maxing, so it’s a shame how disgustingly designed it is.
Most of the debuffs are completely pointless and needlessly frustrating. Quiet needs removed, it is the primary reason mp rings are useless. Blind is a joke and needs removed.
Sorcerer is a bad class and should be reworked to be a genuine MP based class. It would be better if tiered scepters used all of your mp and dealt damage based on how much mp you had when you used it.
Realm’s heavy emphasis on the value of swapouts is completely nullified by the fact that you have to wait .5 seconds between each item swap.