Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I’m not gonna lie this was the first time I heard of this. I thought DECA was trying to make us less reliant on pets :^(. Oh well, I hope that they have mercy on us. Hate being kept guessing like this…

edit: also, does anyone know where I can find more details on this change? I’ve been looking and I can’t seem to find one anywhere…


But healing ichors exist?


they are also a pain to get (outside of O3 runs) and had a 2 second cooldown, at least on PT


healing ichor drops from the spider den.
but yes they do have a cooldown on PT


Hopefully the cd feedback gets listened to and it’s removed before being put in prod


O3 requires realm clearing anyways, so you have time to farm dens. Meanwhile you have to go out of your way to get them for other dungeons

also idt ichor will not have a cooldown; its a stronger normal healing potion that isn’t insanely hard to get


True, I feel like deca is way better than kabam lmao.


I don’t know how, but seeing another one of these “Deca vs Kabam” replies finally made something click inside my head and now I think I can articulate on the key difference between the two:

Kabam made me hate Kabam, but Deca made me hate RotMG.

the Kabam era towards the end was pretty much a nonstop hamfisted mismanagement of the game. no one in their right mind is going to argue that Kabam did a better job of maintaining the game, Deca would never dream of letting an entire year go by where nothing happens. yet, I felt compelled to push through it anyway because I enjoyed the game. even if there weren’t patches or updates or fixes, I liked the game as-is enough to put up with all the negatives. in fact, I think a major compelling reason for this attitude was that under Kabam’s negligence, there was no pressure or fear of missing out because there wasn’t anything new to miss out on. this meant that there was no hardcore grind or addictive force pushing me to keep playing if I wanted to do something else.

Deca on the other hand has been blessing the game with nonstop bug fixes, content updates, and regular events that rewarded playing during certain times. it’s pretty clear Deca’s been doing a much better job of keeping the game alive compared to Kabam who literally abandoned it. over time, Deca’s approach has kinda morphed into the polar opposite of Kabam’s: sheer relentlessness with trying to keep players engaged and online as much as possible, because players not being online is bad for the game, right? The issue is that no one should really be compelled to play something constantly, because no matter how much you enjoy something you still need a breath of fresh air and a break every now and then.

if you don’t let yourself rest, you get burnt out. and I don’t mean physical rest here, I mean mental rest. those of you who haven’t abandoned the game in disgust yet, how much time do you spend thinking about the game? figuring out when you can next get online? thinking about what you’ll do in the game when you can get back on? thinking about what events are coming up that you need to schedule time for to attend? stewing on how much you want a particular rare item that’s not dropping? thinking about how much progress you’re missing out on by not playing right now while in the middle of something else? some of you probably have a healthier relationship with the game but I’m willing to bet that for many of you it’s a very powerful controlling force in your life.

this pressure switch from “idc I’ll just play whenever it’s not like anything’s going on” to “I HAVE to play because I’ll miss out on the event which drops midnight stars and I really want one” pushed me into playing the game a lot more than anything else I’d ever gotten invested in, which accelerated certain revelations about the experience that ended up ruining the game for me forever, including but not limited to: “what’s really the point of slaving away at this game any more?”, “does it actually matter whether I’m using this super high-level gear compared to some cheap trash I quickly threw together?”, “if I actually got the item I’m looking for, would I really stop for today?”, “does my class choice actually matter at this point?”, and “if I’m not using my nigh-impossible-to-recover items for fear of losing them, what’s the point of having them in the first place?”

I think whether you prefer Deca or Kabam will come down to whether Deca’s hyper-activity based model has pushed you into hating the thing you used to love yet. never forget that too much of anything is bad for you, and I think Deca’s approach to never letting active player counts dip even for a moment with all their constant events and such isn’t going to account for this.

maybe all of that was obvious to you and you think I’ve got my head so far up my own ass that I think any of you actually want to read all of that, in which case congratulations on being smarter and more humble than me at 1 AM. I should probably sleep instead of continuing to type but my brain keeps producing more and more words to type and I’m having a difficult time stopping it. like, I only intended this reply to be like 2-3 paragraphs and I’ve already written more than some of you have to do for your homework assignments at school. I think just between you and me, this Xaklor person is a bit of a weirdo, you should probably avoid her before she starts telling you about how much of an asshole you are for actually enjoying RotMG at this point. wow! I’ve heard about RotMG! I don’t know much about it because I opened it up once my screen was flooded with bots trying to take my money so I gave them bitcoin and I got banned instantly for RWD or something, I wasn’t sure. but enough about that, have you heard about this game called among us? it’s super popular but I don’t really see the appeal to be honest. I just can’t get immersed in a game where I don’t have all 9 of my limbs on my character. it’s kind of ableist to only use characters with 3 limbs, isn’t it? like sure I can melt into a very exhausted puddle right now but not everyone has the- * collapses onto the ground and snores VERY loudly *

I don’t know whether I’m more sorry you had to read all that or sorry that I decided to leave it in the reply. I’m too tired to be on the forum right now


Ill just say this, like last year or so, when I played the gamed everyday for like six hours, I would have dreams of my characters dying and then I woke up sweating. Ive realized that I had a bad addiction and have now taken breaks from time to time to play other things without thinking about realm, which has helped me do better in my first semester of college. : /


i usually think about the game’s lore and fantasising about the characters in a story-like fashion instead of thinking about thinking playing the game anymore


Alright, back in the box with you :package: :back: :cat2:


i have more fun when i see people having fun, and i’m glad everyone is back this month to normal population

hope it stays this way, because it was pretty damn desolate and depressing last month

reason why this is posted “unpopular” is because i know people who like to solo and play in smaller realms


I do spend a lot of time thinking about the game. I don’t play the game too much I think, I don’t think that 45 minutes/day is an excessive amount, and I do think that part of the reason I think about it a lot is because I enjoy this game, and also that I’m on the forums a lot lol, which is hard to be on without thinking about rotmg.


It’s not just this game that pushes you to fear “missing out.” If you don’t care about missing out and merely like playing the game for its normal mechanics, then it never sucks the enjoyment out, at least for me. There is a single time I did a campaign, and set a goal for somewhere in the middle goals. After doing even that, I realized that although I’ll pass that as a one time thing, grinding wasn’t for me.

It’s a stratagem that many F2P games use. Don’t try to be cool like the other kids, and you may find yourself actually more unique, because the cool kids tire of themselves after a short while with their fancy shmancy skins and gear, and gear that is usually findable elsewhere in the future.

Also, your last paragraph cheered me up :joy:


I simply play to hide from my own flaws


Whatever, I just like it when you talk about fundamentals or philosophical shit, no one really does that on the forums.

­­even then I would just read whatever you write honestly


What is that supposed to mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Waterpower simp for Xaklor confirmed

Nah seriously though, I get what he means, but I read pretty much every post on these forums.


Oh madgod, I knew this could be easily misunderstood. But I stick to my words; they mean exactly what they mean.

Reason for this is she brings up good points, questions or statements and when she doesnt, like she digress or else, I can easily track her train of thought through what she wrote and empathize.


Nah I knew what you meant I was just joking around