Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


The point @Xaklor’s (yes I’m tagging you) making, though, is that you tend not to really notice the difference.
Yes, 15 attack is a lot, but then you’re already on a pretty DPS-heavy character.

I think a better example would be to say the difference between using, say, Nile versus UBHP. Yeah, Nile gives you 4 spd and dex, but you don’t really notice those too much in just casual playing.

From my view, I do believe that there are specific cases where it is noticable, but those are generally solo situations; one that I find particularly noticable is Limon. Farming dexterity from her is, for me, a pretty decent indicator of how much dps I have.
If I can kill her without needing to repeat the jumpy phase, or can get her just at the stat of it, or end the fight right as the helpers die - all those bits of progression are indicators, to me, that my DPS has risen.

Now, that only occurs when I’m still maxing a character. Those stat changes, that gradual build up of dex, doesn’t really happen for maxed characters. If I weren’t keen on noticing the slight boost given to me in terms of speed from my Honey Circlet, I wouldn’t be using it; and even then, when racing against another class with probably just 2-3 less speed, that’s where I begin to notice that…there’s not that much of a difference.

tl;dr tiny stat changes from equips are near unnoticable, RotMG’s stat calculation system should probably bee looked into, why am I typing out 20 mile paragraphs.


Puri is still good after IC/OoC.


Not even sure if that’s unpopular lol


public opinion is fungal tome is the only tome worth using <~>


Public opinion is full of people that can’t do math apparently


In my humble opinion, I think the stat debates falling for something I call the Lion fallacy. Providing an example, if you were trapped in a large room with a lion, and suddenly, another one appears, your situation just became more dire, aye? Twice the lions, twice the problem. Now, let’s say you are trapped in that same room with 50 lions, and, like last time, another one suddenly appears. The increase of danger never changed, but our perspective did. What’s another Lion in a crowd that large? Psychologically, most people wouldn’t care.

Now flip that analogy for stats. You can usually see the difference when transitioning from level to level in the very beginning, yes? It’s a world of difference, often between life and death in some scenarios. Wearing the best of gear noticeabley boosts you as well, sometimes rivaling your pitiful few existing stats in numbers. But by the time you reach higher in the ranks (like 8/8), you’ve already slowly, meticulously fed yourself those insignificant pots, to beef yourself nearly imperceptibly. And by the time you hit those stats, yeah, those tiny stat boosts that used to be helpful no longer seem so. They never changed their utility, but now you’re psyched into not caring as much.

Now, I place reemphasis on the fact that I still don’t particularly care about what I’m wearing, but I do think that a “minor” increase of stats still makes a difference. I don’t think enough people outside the horrible meta crew care enough to utilize it, though.

The thing that also makes a difference in stat arguments is the nature of the enemies you’re fighting. Early/Mid game enemies are different than End game enemies, but that’s a separate, messier debate.


Oryx 3 and Discords are vastly overrated.


then why are you in my guild discord :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:
seems kinda sus ngl


You are such against discords but you’ve used guild discords to do voids and mbc. What is the difference? It’s legit just a private discord pretty much. I can’t believe how you talk down on discords and use them yourself!


he says that they are overrated, not useless and awful. I think dps sets are overrated, but I sometimes use them. You can dislike something but sometimes still use it


I meant to say Raid Server Discord, not guild Discord.


that was pretty apparent; my post was a complete joke if you haven’t figured that out


I know what you meant, but what I meant is what’s the difference if you do raids with a guild discord? You said about how you had done voids with your former guild create story and joined their discord. How is that any different?


Raid Discord: Have to mute yourself, and when you get a white bag, RL tend to say “Congrats” in not-so-excited way. Or when you lost a character, they only say “I’m sorry for your loss.” and carry on. They don’t take a screenshot of your character’s grave or anything.

And… they have more absurd reqs.

Guild: Tend to give a care more when you got white or your character got slain.


you must not have great experiences with raid leaders. In my experience, they care more than that. One even gave me a few life after I died due to a late call


Ok let’s keep this on topic. (Even though I was the one that was off topic)


i like playing in the realms, more than i do grinding dungeons


Nah nah, here’s the correct formulation: ItS oBjEcTiVeLy BeTtEr To PlAy In ReAlmS tHaN tO pLaY iN dUnGeOnS yes i wasted 3 minutes writing that


it is actually fun to grind events


Yes. Honestly don’t get why people don’t like events because often it gets other dungeons you wouldn’t usually do more attention and gives a nice extra reward.