Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Yes, but I hate steamrolling things. A group of 4-6 people is the most fun for me, so instead of opening a not normally available dungeon like you say, it causes a specific dungeon to be steamrolled everytime it appears meaning I can’t really enjoy that dungeon until the event is over


Pirate cave is the hardest dungeon in the game, not the easiest



you get tunnel vision and only think of what you can get so you get bored of rotmg after the event ends

but yes grinding fun I like much loot much fast


The Greater Blueprint is said to drop from “Event bosses” doesn’t actually drop. I’ve been killing 100s of event bosses every day since last week and still haven’t gotten it.


I got the EP BP from Penta last time…


ur capping


Me no lie bud.


but the spells take so little mp, and with high wisdom, it is easy to deal alot of damage quick.


that post is over 2 years old…


High wisdom? Not a lot of people go for wisdom on a wizzy. They either go for HP/DEF or ATK/DEX.

I’ll try that next time. Tried mana once, and it wasnt bad but not good either.

My preferred classes to put wisdom heavy gear on are those that have influenceable wisdom mod.


I don’t really think that’s an unpopular take.


Old but maybe still spicy: Pets saved the game.


Maybe? Very’s the word.


Idk, ever since that Mike Sellers AMA where he literally says they are the only reason why the game is still around I’ve found that the pet hate has died down a bit.


Was there the hope players would start again from scratch and level a new pet in order to get the apperance they want?

The latter. Seems kind of scummy, I know. A better thing would be to allow people to pay for getting the one they wanted (and there are several indirect ways of doing this that aren’t so scummy).

That’s disheartening that that was actually the case. I’d wondered if that was their logic, but was hoping it was some other reason.

I was so excited to see the option to change a pet class when that was first introduced by, despite its limitations. It still didn’t quite address that problem directly for selecting the divine pet designs in a family you weren’t lucky enough to fuse into, but at least there’s more freedom for pet variety with skins that you find from other families.


Interesting, thank you for sharing.


I mean now the more endgame players can just fuse into a lv 1 divine pet, for fame.

No fp needed if you’re going for a skin for your wardrobe


Wait. Elaborate on that, if you may. I think I’m tracking, but that’s still tedious sounding.


It’s expensive fame-wise but you can just fuse unleveled pets into a divine if you really want the skin.

And once you fuse into the skin you unlock it


Crown, Omni, and T6 Sword class abilities are overrated.

O3 whites are over-hyped.

Samurai is hiddenly OP by himself without White Bag UTs

Petless gameplay is underrated even after IC/OoC.

Oryxmas Consumables can be suitably used anywhere (say GLand), more than just endgame dungeons and speedruns.

Even without the Wand buff, Sorc is still a strong class.

Bard is hiddenly OP by term of Defence.

Trickster and Mystic are overrated.

Jugg with maxed Defence build is useful on everywhere except O3, Nest (and possibly LH).

Legacy items should be removed from game’s coding.

Tlatoani Shroud is better than Ritual Robe.