Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I know you’re talking about the playerbase as an entity, but you could always do what I do and continue to play the game normally through a chest event. If I find a highlighted dungeon in the realm, great! But I don’t use the popping servers or Discords, because I agree. The constant loot desensitizes.


I know it’s opinions, but dam hearing “Cult is more fun than void is…”

Can’t say it


That post was from nearly 3 years ago


Yep ik, I doubt they even use the forums now


Yep last seen two years ago


can confirm for anyone who can’t see the effect you’re talking about, but deca does pretty much zero quality assurance on UGC content. as long as it’s not obviously broken and enough people say it’s fine it goes out the door into the world.

wasn’t sure where you were going with the “sort of agonism” angle at first and was about to mention that UGC (vanilla testers are fine) is more akin to an insufferable echo chamber than a competitive environment but I see that’s not related.


This is both painfully obvious and heartbreaking to me. The game has lost so much charm and personality thanks to this decentralised content generation model. Also yes thanks for clarifying - its not quite ‘agonism’ in the obvious sense (but what you identify is also a problem imo lol). Of course an environment where one’s only incentive for work is personal recognition is an environment highly favourable to egoism etc. I honestly think that the UGC group does not have the game’s best interests at heart (in general, I’m sure there are a few exceptions… i hope???)

Also another maybe unpopular opinion: the Court of Oryx is an absolutely terrible and poorly executed idea. Janus coming after the Stone Guardians is confusing game design for new players especially when he’s more or less always accessed. Both he and the court should be removed entirely. Each court dungeon (except Secluded Thicket) should be given an actual DUNGEON portion instead of just a bossroom that streamlines grind-culture, and these dungeons should be redistributed to drop from new repeatable event bosses or a new subset of slightly more powerful Heroes of Oryx. Also, the fact that they are ‘boss dungeons’ should be no excuse to re-use tilesets from other locations and this should be addressed.


And @Puffagod - this is not so much the case anymore.
It’s not like any UGC just creates whatever they want, then trots up to Deca with the finished product and says “hey put this in the game”, and it just gets shoved into the next patch. Maybe that’s how it used to work, but it doesn’t anymore.
I don’t know how much I can disclose about the actual process, but anything that comes into the game is approved by Deca from start to finish.

This is also something that’s slowly being worked on. Things like reworks generally aren’t UGC territory precisely because of potentially clashing visions with Deca (I’m guessing you’re referring to things such as LoD and Shaitan’s, which were both UGC-led projects from what I know).


Indeed! Reconstruction seems to be going in a possible right direction. But I’ve got to say it really has been slow. Realm has been losing its identity through literal years of negligent updates, started in the Kabam era and continuing more or less until the present. It looks like its going to take just as long if not longer to smooth over those bumps and return to that cohesive unity of vision which realm enjoyed during its early days (and it by no means has to be the same vision as back then, so long as it is consistent!). Sadly however I doubt I’ll still be here to see it.

I am also frightened that this effort might be too little too late - Oryx 3 was a perfect marshalling point for re-establishing the character of the game but actually it doesn’t seem to have had very much effect; furthermore every update adds a fistful of flashy and out-of-place cosmetics which - being products sold for actual money - will prove a fossilised stain on the game’s thematic and aesthetic consistency forever. The current complaints about the game’s advertising - those weird roblox figures which DECA seems intent on ramming down everyone’s throats - is a massive symptom of this lack of unified vision which is otherwise quite difficult to quantify :sweat_smile:

Its good to hear that the modern UGC has slightly more responsibility but until I witness the realm’s return from a discordant mix of different art styles, writing styles, game design ethics, themes, styles of comedy, egos, etc, I’m afraid I will have to remain a pessimist :3


but it is


Oryx’s escutcheon is a good main shield the loss of some range and some stun duration is insignificant especially if all the beams land and the large speed boost/dps boost is more useful than the bonus stats of a tiered shield especially in endgame dungeons where enemies are immune to stuns anyway


Wlab 2nd phase is harder than 3rd phase


Samurai has higher dps than ninja


Nope. This is an opinion thread, not an incorrect fact thread :wink:

Hello, DeeBomb. Your fact is, in fact, wrong.

If both use the T14 Katana and the enemy has 0 DEF, the Ninja deals 2688 DPS, while the Samurai deals 2298 DPS (since the Samu is able to perma Expose).

But we haven’t counted their abilities yet. We’ll give them both T7 of their respective abilities, and also give them both a Lvl 90 MHeal pet. That’s 23 MP per second. Each WIS point is 0.12 MP per sec (plus 0.5 as a base). WIS differences will not be counted because the overall difference is negligible. Do the math and you should get somewhere around 30-31 MP per second.

Given those numbers, it would take ~9 seconds to fully refill an empty MP bar. Applies to both classes, since they have the same max MP cap. We’ll just round this to 10. For the imaginary experiment, both classes will spam their abilities, wait 10 seconds, spam them again, and so on. The Samurai can spam three times, while the Ninja can spam only twice. Of course, this entire thing is just a rough estimate that doesn’t account for leftover MP and such.

2300 * 3 = 6900 => 690 DPS
1150 * 2 = 2300 => 230 DPS

That’s 2918 for the Ninja, and 2988 for the Samurai.

It’s true that angling and aiming a Waki can limit its versatility, and some shots may not hit. However, the Waki’s projectiles can pierce, which multiplies its damage capability. Also, it can often be easier and more efficient to get a few projectiles in rather than completely miss a shuriken and end up being a disappointment to your RotMG family. We also haven’t yet gotten into the additional DEX bonus that most tiered Wakis grant.

TL;DR: It definitely is possible for the Samurai to have a higher DPS.


Fame trains were fun.


what wakis and stars are you using


looks like T7/T7. Problem is, if you are at waki-hitting range, then you may as well use rage claws, which definitely blows samurai out of the water. To me, samurai is better than ninja only in groups.


In a group setting where both are exposed ninja would have higher dps, and in a solo setting there are stars that buff your dps. In a place where dps really matters (endgame dungeons) you are probably going to be in a group or have access to a star that buffs you.


wakis damage is insane tho