Potentially Lethal Bug in LoDs


I’m cross posting this from a Reddit thread I made, but the issue I’m posting about most certainly seems to be a bug and not lag.

In this clip, the player (not me) dies by seemingly nothing: https://gfycat.com/blindadeptdorado

Nikao is still TPing as Rust dies and based off of the clip, he takes 2 shots, one that brings him down to 315 and then a second shot that takes him from 315 to 0. I honestly can’t think of any way to explain how this happened, I just hope that by posting this others can be wary and that it may get fixed/addressed, as I’ve seen friends get killed by lethal bugs that were not in their control before. If this is in the wrong place on the forums I apologize, it just seemed most fitting here.

I don’t know how/if this can be reproduced but regardless, stay safe.


I have also experienced the bug multiple times - health drops to orange even when passing perfectly.


I’ve experienced something similar but not as Instant as in the clip you’ve posted.
Not sure if anything has been done since then though



Lol of course I see this after I solo a LOD today. Luckily no issue with Nikao. Definitely looks like the shots weren’t rendering but by the timing the pattern seems consistent with where the player ended up standing. Best way to avoid this right now is to back off after each teleport - unsure if it’s influenced by how fast you push them out of the phase.


I died on an 8/8 priest with puri/prot recently in a similar way. Suddenly orange then couldn’t heal or nexus before dying.