PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


KiIuA, your are known for petless slayer/player.

At least in my knowledge!


last time i slayed something i soloed archmage rage petless 3/8 paladin


same for me
edit changed server and now its working fine


These dungeons are just awful. I found it easier to basically solo a Lost Halls with a 3/8 wizard no tops, legendary pet than I find it to just not die in the heroic abyss 8/8 necro tops no pet. It’s just impossible to do enough damage to not get overwhelmed by the enemies rushing you. 0/10 try balancing for not rogue cloak rushing.


While I’ve only had one HAbyss under my belt so far (which I failed in), I’d say that the Imps are much too powerful given their speed.
There’s a good reason they were given their erratic movement - they were supposed to pelt you with relatively weak bullets while being easy to kill.
The other enemies, I don’t see too many problems with (aside from the Mage’s fast shots…).


Please, send screenshot xD


yeeeaaa no this is undoable, abysses are too small with such high damaging minions that cant even be outrun n’or killed. its a no from me thank you very much


what cracks me up is how so many people have already started complaining about similarities between this and some pserver, yet no one has made the comparison between these and the 3 epic dungeons that kabam made. other than the petless thing casually thrown in there, it’s exactly the same concept only kabam came first.


what do you mean, deca has a history of stealing from pservers, just look at t13 and t14 items in lost halls, [redacted] had them FIRST


Done 12 udls (pretty easy with 5+ ppl) but only got wis and mark in the first 12. then I got 2 ADbows in a row. Abyss is much harder.


Abyss boss is complete copy and paste… it would be cool to see more change there
UDL boss was kinda nice tho


Hmmm yes Rotmg stole some things from servers, but servers copied the main game


OMG ADbow Too OP
pls nerf…



It’s a faster dbow, but it’s concept is too op


33% is same as 33% fire rate
Edit: ok the projectile may be just slightly faster… (like by 5%)


I couldn’t see the pic so I didn’t know


the boss himself is fine. The problem i have with these “new” dungeons is that they’re basically just a normal udl / abyss with more damage. If you guys at deca change the dungeon entirely with new sprites but still have the same look as the dungeons, then i can see good potential with these.


20 minutes, of which I spent half of the time regenerating health and the other rest of the time fighting enemies I already killed thousands of times, and about as many sketchy moments as the average LH run for single greater vit? Yeah… no.


Hmm you make it sound unworth it which it is😬


Honestly speaking, I am quite disappointed with the heroic dungeons, more specifically the Abyss. It’s not that they’re too easy or they’re too hard, but it’s the fact that they barely bring anything new to the table and feel lazy at worst, and mediocre at best.

For the most part, it’s just enemies with more health, damage and speed. This is especially true for Abyss of Demons, where the only new elements added is just a very slight first phase change for Malphas, and that white demons can now spawn on the way to the boss. It just feels bland, even without the pets, because it’s pretty much the same content.

Heroic UDL is probably the better developed one than Abyss. Some enemies have different behaviours such as slimes chasing you, and there are now more status effects to deal with. Septavius himself has also gotten more attack patterns. Other than that, it’s still kind of the same experience with the standard UDL? It just feels that way to me.

If anything, I think you guys should just stick to creating genuine epic versions of existing dungeons that still have the roots of the standard dungeon, but have many different twists that make it differentiable from its original counterpart. DDocks, Wlab, Cdepths, Thicket, hell even the Nest, they’re all fun to play because they are unique in their own way, which heroic dungeons has failed to do at this current stage of time.