Public Testing #8 - Status: Closed


wat about the loot


they added a skull and I don’t know about the rest


So far only thing I wanted too say was that the distance between each boss room should be extended(Cause I think assassins might be able to shoot poisons over the wall), Give players some time on 2nd boss for janus rage phase. I had just finished killing a minion b4 a wall a shots just started beaming out at me. Only did 1 run ill prob do more w/ others next time or smthin.

Sidenote: Who comes up with this shit lol…


one of the UGC members leaked that there will be a new skull dropping from this dungeon. possible an ut set .


Bosses are invulnerable until activated so you cant do damage before the wall opens. Is tp enabled? Because if so assassins could do damage once the wall reclosed.

IMO First boss is too melee friendly, i was able to solo with jugg and no pet (and i suck)


It took me only three tries to really get this. To be fair, I did watch a solo from someone on a Trickster, so I had some knowledge beforehand.
I didn’t fully solo: at the start, a Necro (who opened it) got killed pretty quickly at the first boss.

Overall, I really like the design of the boss fights. They’re all very unique, challenging, but not too impossible.
The only complaint I really have at the moment is the lack of loot dropping on testing right now x3
And maybe that the last phase is a little unclear on what you have to do.

Additionally, I’ll add a video in a seperate post later! Rendering is being done in parts, cause it takes long…


at last phase you only need drag thunder (circle thing that follow you) to the boss after he stop attacking


Video on the dungeon, overall I think it’s really easy if you know what the phases are. The first and 3rd bosses are extremely fun, while the second is… not as much. The tribesmen are just tedious, im sure with more people they wouldn’t feel that way, but right now the 2nd boss is the least fun of the 3.

Edit: This was the 4th secluded thicket I ever went in, the first time i tried it I died in the very last survival phase of the lightning god, so hopefully they up the difficulty a smidge.


do the bosses give any fame at all? I know deca probably intentionally is keeping the items from us but what about fame rewards?

EDIT: I can’t get the flash projector to work and playing it on a browser is insanely laggy, if you’re wondering why I’m not finding it out myself.


Here’s my feedback for this Testing session:

Secluded Thicket

  • Randomly DCing (seems to be Testing related, not sure what the cause is)
  • Enemies/bosses need more EXP and drops (I’m assuming this will be fixed in the future)
  • 3rd boss’s last phase feels too difficult; the damage on the shots should be lowered slightly

Overall I enjoyed the new dungeon. It’s challenging and has some variety like how the spawning of the tribesmen from the 2nd boss is random each time.


superninna leaked some of the stuff on lhz or edz some months ago, glad to see it finally come to fruition.


The projector link sends me to realm of the mad god not the test server?


Why did Deca removed the Fame Box 3??? ;-;
now i can’t fuse to Divine :confused:


I duoed a thicket

I only have one complaint that is that El Dorado is a joke of a boss, which of course makes this funnier
but still he’s too dang easy

Otherwise first and third boss are amazingly well designed, being unrepetitive and extremely fun, the Basilisk has a crap ton of different phases and I love the lightning mechanic of the Thunder God


I think first boss is really fun to solo. Not to hard, not to easy. But as soon as you add another player or two into the mix it just becomes too quick


My post was mostly about the 2nd boss

But I soloed as well and nearly killed El Derado when I dced and the first boss was extremely fun to fight and his final chase phase gave me multiple heart attacks


Yeah i was mainly commenting on your last few sentences.
Circling while dodging between the slow shots was really fun and a bit scary, I really enjoyed it as well


I would suggest slightly slowing down the bullets of the survival phase. I feel that classes with a speed cap of greater than 50 speed have an easier time doing the survival phase of Xolotl, while when I attempted it multiple times on knight, I nearly died many times.


tickster makes this ridiculously easy.

the first bodd where he shoots out the rings of bullets, just tp over them, then run back.

The janus esk nuke phase you don’t have to hurry, just tp.

Didn’t really do to with the third boss, but i think the lightning might need to be narfed in damage a smige.


Lightning bolts were easy as heck to dodge, I think it’s fine as is