Public Testing #9 - Status: Closed




wahts the flash link


It’s in the original post of this thread.


Thats why you stockpile juggs on your testing account like I did


wait how do you get juggs?


Can anyone help me out. it keeps saying I need to register ever time I pick my wizard and if dosnt say that, its says character slot already has 1 character. Please help.


In the last testing, all characters you made were 8/8 with full UT/top sets, so I just made a bunch of warriors and vaulted all the juggs, resulting in this:

I also got 2 100/100 divine pets using all the previous testings together
pls dont take them away deca


Have you created a testing account? You will need to sign into that (your regular RotMG account won’t work).


@Krathan Is there a reason for not refreshing the pet food box? I don’t really see why there is an unlimited humanoid egg box when testers who tested before can’t feed them due to the single roll limit for pet food.





It still doesnt really make sense that we get 8/8s with uts for the thicket, but not for the much harder nest.


People will bring 8/8’s to thickets without being afraid of losing them


yes I have, it keeps saying that I need to register everytime I pick my wizard and if I wait a couple seconds it says in red You already have 1 character slot being used. Plus after it says that, I go back to the menu and check my wizard and all my stats are 0.


I can get into game and enter dungeons and realms but after a minute the game crashes and sends me back to the title screen, its fine for a few seconds then my damage starts taking a while to display and then I DC. Any help?


Keep getting admin-only. Is it closed?


I think so. :frowning:


please edit the thread to say its closed


See here.


Its not open its closed btw


getting an admin only error