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They don’t. The damage is comparable to wands and daggers.

Its defense is only comparable to the Paladin, and that one gets both healing and maximum health to compensate for having to get close and spending so much more time in combat. They also get damaging as well.

The enforcer didn’t replace tiered katanas because it lacked piercing. If you want to look at a weapon that actually makes tiered katanas useless, look at Doku. More damage than the tier thirteen, extra range, as well as an AOE defense ignoring splash radius, all while obtainable in a relatively common dungeon that you’ll be wanting to do a lot of anyways.

Again, the difference is that the cutter is from a relatively early dungeon that is easy to do, while the enforcer is an endgame sanctuary white. I thought I made that clear.
You talk about the two as if they were the same, but if I got a corruption cutter drop from Gemsbok, I would be pissed because it wouldn’t be worth it as an endgame drop. And the cutter still has its unique shot pattern to set it apart and make it feel good to use, the nerfed enforcer doesn’t.
If expo started dropping from the forgotten king instead of the crown, that would be terrible because then the Shatters wouldn’t be nearly as worth it anymore. That’s not to say that the experimental ring is useless. It’s just that we expect different things from different dungeons.


Its a teired HEAVY armor that’s the 2nd highest tier in the game. I do not agree with nerfing nil, but pls buff tiered heavy armors since all they give is DEF and they dont give enough of it


While Nil, an item that is supposed to fill the role of heavy armor for non-heavy armor classes, is a white bag item dropping from one of the hardest encounters in the game. I don’t think domi’s suffering here.


MBC is way harder than void


So I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I had similar thoughts earlier, above your feedback. Trying to use the ST shield alongside a long range sword felt wrong since the shield only had 2.8 range, matching the sword’s.



My Thoughts:

ENFORCER: Nerf was too much. instead of nerfing the katana that made katana classes viable in a DPS setting, deca should buff the rest of the katanas

Water Robe: Great buffs, adding 1 more attack to make that nice +7 attack would be really nice

Ancient Spell Good changes, but could you pls make the stat bonus +5 spd +5 vit?


That’s true, but you need to go through MBC to get to Void. So items in Void should be good.


agreed, but still domi should at elast be 28 DEF and t15 should be 30


Honestly kinda agree. Heavy armor only gets 2 def per tier for T14 and T15, whereas the leathers get 2 def AND 1 dex, and the robes get 2 def, 1 attack, 1 wisdom, and some mana. Leathers and robes scale way better than the armors do.


Of course this is partially because of how powerful swords are. Also, we buffing cc then, too? Lol. Would have same def with only a notable downside. I think heavy armors are fine right now. Melees in general don’t need a buff, especially not to their survivability.

*Only reason nil is funny is because no one was really asking for a buff to it’s def. I think most would rather it just got some unique proc. It’s a funny dilemma because an item like that is probably best in the realm and in godlands dungeons, (esp if def isn’t maxed yet) but it drops from the second-hardest dungeon (mbc is a part of void).


ahnialation armor drops from hardest boss in the game. cc drops from cland. swords make up for their power by having shitty range, and everything needs a buff since the game is wayy to hard now


While the game has a definite learning curve, I can’t say I agree with you. There are plenty of players who steamroll through (and solo doing insane challenges) O3. I’ve actually seen a number of people ask that celestial be reworked again because it is too easy. And as a whole, I would argue the game as a whole has generally gotten easier over time, just higher levels of difficulty added.


Interestingly, doku no ken was for awhile the only reason to play ninja as well. I can’t remember exactly what changed that, might have been the addition of higher tier katanas and a slight nerf.


This just makes the +Att more consistent. Before you had the att half the time (assuming you always have healing). However with this change it lasts longer. There is a cooldown, so you don’t have 100% uptime no matter what, which you seem to not realize.


Items with changes that are negligible, straight forward, or I have no opinion on but are positive overall.

Amber Encrusted Helm
Plague Poison
Orb of Aether
Thousand Shot
Fire Dragon Battle Armor
Lightshow Scepter
Performer’s Ring
Ancient Spell
Nectar Crossfire
Gambler’s Fate
Turncoat Cape
Divine Coronation
Battalion Banner
Ballistic Star

Event Whites

:white_check_mark:Ray Katana
Good buff overall
Still don’t think it’s quite event white worthy

Amazing buff, very strong damage and basically what people were asking for. Can see it getting a bit of a nerf in damage when in prod.

:white_check_mark:Trap of the Vile Spirit
Good buff. Finally separates itself from other traps being the only trap that armor pierces. A great swapout for high def enemies.

Dungeon Whites

:white_check_mark:Robe of the Mad Scientist
Interesting change. This new type of mana refunding proc may be applicable to other types of future armors. Don’t know how spamming low mana abilities is balanced though. I really like it.

:white_check_mark:Soul’s Guidance
Very nice buff. This wand is very fun to use and hope more people realize its potential.

:white_check_mark:Ring of Sphinx
Nice early DPS ring can see it being used more. Much more value than before.

:question:Pharaoh’s Requiem
Maybe will see some more viability. MP should be reduced though.

:-1:Water Dragon Silk Robe
Proc is nice fits the dragons theme but stats could be better
Proposed stats: +6 ATT, +12 DEF, +3 DEX, +6 SPD, +5 VIT
Water Silk is one of the few robes without MP boost or WIS (now) so you will have to be less reliant on your abilities while wearing it. Giving it a few more DEX is justified and taking back the extra DEF it was given.

:-1:Leaf Hide Dragon Armor
Same as water silk
Proposed stats: +3 ATT, +13 DEF, +6 SPD, +5 VIT, +50 HP
Leaf Hide is now a good survivability armor but I think giving it some ATT like the other LOD armors give would be great.

:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:Hivemaster Helmet
Perfect. Exactly what people have been asking for.

Court Dungeon Whites

:white_check_mark:Bottled Medusozoan
Very nice change, nice to see the limitations removed.
Poisons should probably get reworked in general but that’s another whole topic.

:-1:Sealed Crystal Skull
Still very underwhelming. Both sealed and cracked skull should just have radius be tied to WIS mod giving it an even wider area.

Endgame Whites

Nerf long overdue but maybe far too drastic? Shorter the arc gap to 10.
Tiered katanas may just need to be buffed a bit in general.

:white_check_mark:Oryx’s Escutcheon
Nice to use and feels more responsive.

:question:Centaur’s Shielding
Still awkward.

:-1:Armor of Nil
Just so lackluster as a rare drop from an endgame dungeon. The item conceptually is great for a mid game whitebag drop; tanky ass leather armor. It would have to be completely reworked.

Other Items

:white_check_mark:Cloak of the Mad God
+5 DEF is very nice addition works well with the proc and the reduced cooldown and mana cost is a very welcomed change. Tome of Holy Protection also got similar treatment. It’s nice.

:white_check_mark:Oryx’s Greatsword
Love this change, finally viable. Although the ST shield feels weird to use now maybe buff it’s range a bit.

:white_check_mark:Staff of Eruption
Very welcomed change, the previous staff was holding back using the set back.

:question:Tricorne of the High Seas
Kinda busted damage helm now. Haven’t tried the full set ever so I’m not sure how it feels.

:white_check_mark:Daring Discoverer Set
Much better set now, actually fun to use. The previous set really was punishing to use but now it’s rewarding.

Missing Item Changes

There are still items that were left out, maybe there are future plans in the works?

(Low tier UT rings: Unless there’s dungeon reworks coming here’s some proposed changes)
Spider’s Eye Ring - increase the slow radius to 5
Crystal Ring - Just give it +30 MP
Coral Ring - Make it more common and give it +3 DEF
Captain’s Ring - Give it a proc that gives you invisibility for 2 seconds if under 20% hp (CD: 15 seconds)
Ring of Divine Faith - Give it +20 HP

Wand of Bulwark
Nerf the damage a bit but increase the rate of fire and shot speed.

Ancient Stone Sword
Give it an attacking proc like Doku that shoots a shotgun similar to the guardians do in attack phase 3

Candy Coated Armor
Have the -10 DEX activate only while in combat

Fungal Breastplate
Reactive proc of healing for 3 seconds when under 30% HP, cooldown 12 seconds.

Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi
Increase the crystals rotation speed and damage slightly.

Shatter’s Rings - Will probably be addressed with the revamp, most likely will get some type of procs or new abilities.




i like the cc idea, thats really needed imo to make an accessible armour for people who cant do o3s. (me)


Don’t you dare touch my bulwark baby’s damage. He’s perfect.
I agree with all of your other opinions though.


Higher shot speed for the Bulwark would ruin it


I would disagree. Bulwark’s long lifetime may grant it the ability to create a large minefield, but the amount of time it takes to set it up, plus the slow travel time of the shots, actually tend to hinder in actually hitting enemies.

If, instead, it was able to lay down a field of shots faster, with a shorter lifetime - and thus faster speed - it’d be more effective at actually dealing damage.

(And if you’d like to make it really bizzarre, add in burst, to make it shoot in bursts of 4 :^3)