Re-make of Penetrating Blast Spell


Currently, Penetrating Blast has these stats -


I’ve been defending the concept of this spell for quite some time, and upon getting it, I was quite disappointed in the item, and by extension, DECAs failure to make a balanced, niche item that people would still want to use. This will probably be no better, and I fully understand that it might not be possible to make a spell that is both piercing, but not something that’ll outright replace tiered spells if you have it. I also tried using Pfiffels damage calculator to show off what I mean, but it lacks some of the features I’m looking for, and something I’m not even sure DECA could implement (although I have reason to believe its not that ridiculous). That said…

Spell: 30 shots



Shots hit multiple targets, fires inwards

On Equip: +2 Attack, +40 Maximum HP

MP cost: 70

Projectile speed: 15

Lifetime: 1.0 Second

I considered adding that it also pierce obstacles, but I feel like that’d be infringing a bit too much upon Recurring Terror and Jade Storms’ territory. If you didn’t catch on by now (if I actually understand how range works as well as I think I do), your spell would start at 5 tiles, then go 15 tiles in the other direction - enemies w/ in 5 tiles of the spell would get hit twice as many times than they would if this didn’t fire inwards. It also is hampered a bit by trying to use it in cramped areas - possible, but not optimal. Thoughts?


Much like a weaker tablet, and takes up more space at the cost of less mana. I like the idea overall, it would be nice to see this implemented into the game.


… how’re you comparing this to tablet? you couldn’t get farther apart in terms of abilities in this game.


I think it could use a tiny damage buff, but otherwise I find it extremely useful… That is until my wizard died :frowning: