Re-make of Penetrating Blast Spell


Currently, Penetrating Blast has these stats -


I’ve been defending the concept of this spell for quite some time, and upon getting it, I was quite disappointed in the item, and by extension, DECAs failure to make a balanced, niche item that people would still want to use. This will probably be no better, and I fully understand that it might not be possible to make a spell that is both piercing, but not something that’ll outright replace tiered spells if you have it. I also tried using Pfiffels damage calculator to show off what I mean, but it lacks some of the features I’m looking for, and something I’m not even sure DECA could implement (although I have reason to believe its not that ridiculous). That said…

Spell: 30 shots



Shots hit multiple targets, fires inwards

On Equip: +2 Attack, +40 Maximum HP

MP cost: 70

Projectile speed: 15

Lifetime: 1.0 Second

I considered adding that it also pierce obstacles, but I feel like that’d be infringing a bit too much upon Recurring Terror and Jade Storms’ territory. If you didn’t catch on by now (if I actually understand how range works as well as I think I do), your spell would start at 5 tiles, then go 15 tiles in the other direction - enemies w/ in 5 tiles of the spell would get hit twice as many times than they would if this didn’t fire inwards. It also is hampered a bit by trying to use it in cramped areas - possible, but not optimal. Thoughts?


Much like a weaker tablet, and takes up more space at the cost of less mana. I like the idea overall, it would be nice to see this implemented into the game.


… how’re you comparing this to tablet? you couldn’t get farther apart in terms of abilities in this game.


I think it could use a tiny damage buff, but otherwise I find it extremely useful… That is until my wizard died :frowning:


He probably was referring to the old tablet, which was basically the penetrating blast spell but shittier.

Looks like an interesting idea, but with range 10, it is going to be very hard to use it in small rooms or tight spaces because the spell won’t work if some bullets are not able to be summoned (take wakizashis for example).


For me the problem with this spell is the pierce ability, because I never know If I’m aiming properly. Anyway, I don’t think they should remove that from the spell, so maybe increasing damage would be nice. Then, even if anyone misses without knowing, at least you will end up doing some damage anyway.


again, I’m not sure if this would even be able to be programmed into the game, but the stats are 15 speed, lifetime:1.0 seconds, and 10 range. That means that (on paper) the bullets start 5 tiles away from center, take a third of a second to converge on themselves (I.E. spellbombs are a fair bit harder if your enemy moves erratically or unpredictably) and move out to the edge. Given that it’s a tad bit slower, anything within 5 tiles will get hit twice as much, and that there’s thirty bullets… yeah, giving it pierce obstacles would be a tad bit OP imo.


tablet got changed? wow. it’s been about a couple months or so since I last played…


Got changed before Christmas I think


yah new tablet is actually useful :smiley: