Redoing old enemy sprites


To pass the time, I usually sit down and make random sprites. Sometimes these sprites are twists or touch-ups of old RotMG sprites. Here are some of those. (More will come)

Current Bes:

My Bes (with inspiration from his actual mythological appearance):

Current Ruthven:

My Ruthven:

Current Cyclops God:

My Cyclops God:

Current Ent Ancient:

My Ent Ancient:

More to come.


Your Bes doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the gods in the tomb, maybe remake the other two?

The cyclops god remake makes the impression that it is a stronger enemy than it actually is, but i agree that the original needs a rework.


Me like c:


Bes looks looks like a super buff dude with a sweet beard.


Oh I will at some point.


First, noticibly, the ent ancient is based off of the 8*8 sprite. Perhaps your sprite could be ent god but probably not as good ent ancient. Nice cyclops god and ruthven. Also as noted, although I like how bes looks, it doesn’t fit in with the other gods so if you wanna rework bes, gotta rework the rest too


These should be regarded as remasters (maybe except Ruthven, as he is very similar to his current sprite). If I change the Ent Ancient sprite, all of its assets are also going to change.


I understand. However, until you can build a 8*8 version of ent ancient (the starting mini one), I’m gonna be kinda spectucal. Of course after you build one, I’ll probably be interested but not sure how it would work out :stuck_out_tongue: . Like the sprite, just not sure how it’ll work out


It’s not bad, especially the Ruthven. The ent ancient is noisy and has a scuffed part (above the eyes), though. Might wanna fix that.


Ent ancient also looks like it’s a stronger enemy than it is.


Those are some sexy ass sprites my dude


Awesome Sprites!
Bes resprite doesn’t fit so well, when compared to the current Bes sprite, but that skin could be added in the game in a new dungeon for sure!


Shit, they are too good for the game. It doesnt really match. Although i absolutely love Bes, cyclops and ent. Although ent feels a bit big for some small enemy. Ruthven is kinda too skinny for my tastes.




I heavily despise the former two, and absolutely love the latter two!


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