Reskin Winter Crown


Personally I think the current Ice Crown looks really bad. This is my take on the ice crown.




Omg yes


Aw…I love the Ice Crown sprite. Does no one like it?




It looks good but personally I’m not a fan of recoloring only which is why I don’t mind the ice crown


This was my thought as well, recolors and reskins are two very different things, and normally reskins are better.


I like the base ice crown better, The blue crown is nice but it doesn’t have that crown feeling that the black one has or the icy feeling that ice crown has.


imo i think it looks way better than the original if that back piece was removed from the original sprite like this v3


I like it better with the back, it looks more like an actual crown with the back


yeah i see what you mean, i think the original sprite looks good still but i like that classic crown look more personally and this looks more like that without being a recolor


I like urs but maybe shade a bit darker. dont want it to be too light coming from a place like the shatters but still keeping the icy feel of the season.


Yea. I mean anything is better than the current one.


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