Reskined Weapons


I think the reskin weapons like sunstaff etc should have 5% faster for shooting


Great idea my man, DECA should add this right the fuck now


Disagree. This would just make everything so randomly unbalanced. Reskins are just that- reskins. If we make them better they might as well be higher tier.


But for what reason?
Are you not entertained that you can literally shoot those sweet, thick sun shots out of your staff? Phrasing intended.


nop, resking will be just so much OP.


Do you know a MMO RPG game that have cosmetics with little extra stats?



Actually, this isn’t a bad idea. Just worded poorly. But to balance they should also give a drawback.

For example:
Winter t11 reskins could give +1 wis and -1 vit (little nippy)
winter t12 +1 spd -1 def (pretty cold so you slip on ice)
Valentines +5 hp -1 atk (you’re full of love)
Sun +1 dex -5 mp (full of stamina, but there is no school)
Oryx +1 def -5 hp (big old tank)


but that makes it not a reskin.


“Reskin restats” i would say


This is point od reskins. To be just reskin of a Item not a better version.


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