Reward for 1st place on Challenger


This should be a the reward for challenger 1st place, better than a temp circle around your name. I made this. What do ya’ll think. Cue the “nOt ORiGInaL spRITe”.


That’s not 8x8…


It’s not really an 8x8 sprite, and besides, kinda already an item like that Gold%20Medal

Also, moved to #ideas:items


Banish this back to Hell where it came from…
Edit: Wait, I come from Hell too ^


Reward for 1st place on Challenger
+0.5 Vitality
666% Fame Bonus
Drops from Malphas the Archdemon


well i mean you are infamous


png There


Let me try to help you. In Realm of the Mad God, items are sprites that are 8 pixels by 8 pixels in size. The difference between your sprite and an 8x8 sprite is that your sprite is made up of too many pixels to be a RotMG sprite. When you make an item sprite, keep it 8 pixels wide by 8 pixels tall. Do you understand?


Uh what


Maturity levels looking high rn


Whats everyone complaining about? I think the sprite is fine at is it, tbh.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good sprite. Just not one that would have in place in Realm, simply because it isn’t the correct size.


If you haven’t realized yet, everything item in RotMG is incredibly pixelated. In fact, every item is composed of under 64 pixels and made to be able to fit into a 8 * 8 square. Although this item does not look bad, if it was released as it currently is, it will be THE ONLY ITEM that does not fit in a 8*8 pixel square. In other words, it just wouldn’t fit with the rest of the game


they really need to have something ‘permanent’ or tangible for top 3 atleast imo


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