[ROTMG Comic] Candied Realms

A new candy stuffed foe has laid claim to the realm, plunging it into sugary annihilation! Deep within the frosted hills and the lollipop forests lie the graves of many adventurers who were deceived by the sweet landscape, meeting a bitter end. Join the happy-go-lucky guild The Campfire and their adventures as they seek to take back the realm. Remember this, adventurers… don’t give in to your sweet tooth…

Welcome to

:candy:First pages available tomorrow on Tuesday :candy:

Realm Rewind 2019

you went from drawing single images to a heckin full on comic??? such a huge jump my dude, I’m proud :smiley: can’t wait to see how it looks :heart:


Aw shucks :blush: thank you!!!


I expect at least 3 cameo white bags.


looking forward to the comic



I’m getting cavities already


was NOT expecting it this soon.



Is this the one where I’m a chocolate mermaid in the background? ô3ô


When your comic is delayed so heavily that people are attributing details from your’s to someone else’s.



It’s starting!!!


Ooh, this is exciting!




when you’re lucky enough to be alive at the same time as baby yoda and this epic comic


Everyone… Thank you for all of the kind words that I’ve been getting!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Silly Oryx doesn’t know how invulnerability works when it’s used against him, huh?


Sorry for the no new pages for a week, I have some assignments that I need to finish. Expect new pages at the latest next week. In the meantime, I’ve decided to quickly introduce the main character

Koko! The Inuit archer and newest member of The Campfire!
Also, I have a Christmas surprise that I want to get finished tomorrow, so prepare for that!


Some mistletoe shenanigans! Koko gets all the ladies :wink:

Merry Christmas everyone!


When you put on those party dyes it’s time to get down, nevermind they wear those dyes all the time I’m dumb


It’s always time to get down for them