[ROTMG Comic] Harlequin Havoc


Hey ho, and welcome back to yet another prolongued Craftable Comic. The last one was awfully long, but hopefully we won’t run into that problem again, with a more “simplier” story in mind. Case in point, we’ll get right back into Rhea’s adventures, starring in:

“The Puppetmaster makes a deal with the devil to once again make people laugh. But the cost of his humor… all of his puppets. But rest assured, the Puppetmaster’s new ‘partner’, knows just where to get some more. Join Rhea as she cuts the strings on the Puppetmaster’s takeover, and free the Nexus from the horrors of ventriloquism!”

Pages will hopefully be out on atleast a weekly basis at most. Introducing a new style of page creation/illustrations to balance out quality and quantity. Tell me what you think as time goes on.

Full Comic Layout

The website does not like using large-style images, so this will merely be the archive for any specific pages you somehow would be interested in. I will use Imgur for the time being, since it makes a much easier reading experience.

As for our more veteran readers, there have been quite the overhaul of character design. I’m still no great artist, but hopefully its more appealing to the eye over soulless stares my half-assed work.

Character Redesigns

I’ll also eventually add Character Profiles to the website, in hopes to give the side character more… character (Such as the names of the Wizard and Mystic in the guild.)

I’m always open to suggestions, comments, or if you just wanna see ya dang self as cutely drawn as Rhea, always feel free to post.

[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate

Page 1 - Chapter 1

Page Panels

Author’s Notes: I may have to rethink how pages are uploaded, since the only best way to view them as a whole is through a direct link… take that, phoneposters!

Full Comic Layout


Resting is not in his vocabulary, guys.




is this guy:


supposed to be the redesign for this guy?:


all the other redesigns I recognize but this mustache dude is throwing me off here since he has the most dramatic set of changes, including the addition of hair. like, he went from completely bald and hairless to having his hair back, but also a mustache and bushy eyebrows on top of that.


Yes, that is Wenzel. He probably was the main inspiration for the character overhaul (which is why he went so radically different; going from the Traditional Priest to the Archbishop Priest).

I’ll note older appearances in their detail cards once I get around to them.


I just checked the comic website to find the new series and I can’t stress enough how hype this is. Is it still just you making this?


So far, yes. I do have a few lads on discord now and again for advice/criticism @Wilhuff

Also was saving for the next release, but I will be adding an imgur catalogue, since they work nicer with bigger images. Full Comic Layouts will still direct to the website, but there will be another link to the imgur on there, aswell as a clickable one here.

Always good to see my favorite Spy now and again, too


Page 2 - Watching Eyes

Page Panels

Author’s Notes: Perhaps we will get water nymphs when DECA eventually remakes the Magic Woods plsplsplspls

Full Comic Layout


Page 3 - A Funny Joke

Page Panels

Author’s Notes: Begone, thots!

Full Comic Layout


starts out looking like the start to a weird as crap hentai, then quickly changes to:


I’ve seen worse


gotta hook on new readers somehow


Dammit, I missed this one entirely! We jumping from pirate theme entirely onto circus theme!

Puppetmaster (name pending tm) has an odd placement in the hierarchy it seems. I wonder what’s up with that.Is it purely because he’s a jester?


I’d like to think so


Page 4 - Interrupted Peace

Page Panels

Author’s Notes: The Mystic finally has a personality?

Full Comic Layout


The art style evolving is really helping with the eye direction and expressions! Kinda green pale Mystic abound. What’s up with her 3rd eye, I wonder. It turns into a 3 “petal” shutter, but opens to a 2 lid eye


Something something ascending the astral plane, something hippies would believe in.


Page 5 -Sock It To Me

Page Panels

Author’s Notes: Oryx should really hire a stylist for the Court.

Full Comic Layout


Poor PM. Didn’t even get a look of disgust… That or Craig is just too serious. Considering his actual in game sprite is pupil-less, this new Craig with pupils is neat!