[ROTMG Comic] Harlequin Havoc


Page 14 - Caught Green Handed

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Author’s Notes: No more hippie business

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That’s a gumball face at the end lol. Also, black bordered pages of multiple panels! AhoyKwehehee

still makes no sense to me but they use it a lot so


Page 15 - Caravan Chaos

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Author’s Notes: Foreshadowing worries, perhaps?

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Do I smell even more satire? The plot thickens…



we’re fifteen pages in and im still gushing over craftable’s redesign


I have to thank the humble @YesButNo for the inspiration for the design from the portrait used for The Realm


For a hippie, mystique is surprisingly hood


When she’s not hopped up on speed sprouts and pollen power, she’s quite the fighter


Page 16 - Rheassurance

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Author’s Notes: First chapter done, let’s get back to the star of the show

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oh the nexus is in grave danger alright, but I don’t think it’s related to this puppet master dude. I feel like it’s something more… meta

(tbh I had completely forgotten about mr puppet master until I reread the title of this thread and thought for a moment things were headed in a very different direction)


Figured I’d be losing track of the main story for a gag but I did want to introduce new characters. I’ll be more direct going forward because I realize if this is weekly, it might take over a year if I keep going on tangents


your last one of these lasted 3 years I’ll remind you, I don’t think anyone would be surprised or disappointed in the least if you ended up taking a measly single year to get through this one.


Well, I’m enjoying them for one! It’s not that I’m in agony with waiting or anything, but it’s a pleasant thing to see this come up in my suggestions of unread posts.
Wait, that makes it sound like I think these are boring or something.
What I mean is, I’m not upset with slow content; I’m just happy to see any at all where it comes up!


Taking into consideration of the pace of this comic, if Prism Pirate were scaled to its standard, that would be the approximate amount of time

  • Ended with about 1630 panels
  • If each page averages 10 panels, 163 pages
  • One page a week, 163 weeks
  • About 3.13 years for total release

Ofcourse, Harlequin Havoc won’t be as cumbersome, since there won’t be as many points to cover.

With the other comics on this subforum going radio silent, I guess I don’t have much going against me. Hopefully I can up the speed by 2 pages per week, but for now I’ll just scale it towards having a page on Saturdays.


Page 17 - The Gift Of Life

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Author’s Notes: Who’s really pulling the strings here?

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:open_mouth: That baby leviathan is adorable! (Saying that sounds oxymoronic lol)


Wait a minute…
The Puppet Master drops the Shield Rune.
Now all we need is the Sword Rune?


Ohhhh nononono you stay out of this Void. This is the Joker all over again.

Is the thing the Puppetaster inserting something we know?