[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate



Pages 1016-1020

Author’s Notes: I wouldn’t draw a thousand pages and not finish… silly to think otherwise. But it does mean a lot to me even with the past hardships to see the loving memory still alive. Ofcourse props to DECA to also trying to get the game back in sphere, but you guys are the best. An endless amount of thanks.

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Its been so long that I actually forgot what the real plot in this was.


gone, reduced to atoms

Jk i think they’re trying to defeat the void entity or Bert or someone



holy shiiiiiitttttttttt hes back, the worlds gonna end


so have I…

But incase anyone does need a refresher

Rhea wants to uncover the secrets of the Void after an encounter in the Nexus and the dreaded No Nexus Glitch (if that dates this story). After recruiting an unlikely alliance with Dreadstump, they adventure out on a pirate adventure to discover the tales and treasures in the Lost Halls.


OML it’s Craftable. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s kept you away?

Long story short

Out for a year for military training and some other stuff being called on; really settled back down July, but kinda fell out of love with video games and whatnot. Eventually just eased back into it, and remembered ROTMG, and saw DECA actually pulling through with the porting to Unity. So I came back.


Don’t think they’re safe from status effects…

Pages 1021-1025

Author’s Notes: I imagine chickens would work all the same, but who knows?

Full Comic Layout


Well if we’re thinking about it… aren’t all the parrots just divine pets that follow bilgewater around?


Maybe, ofcourse this coming between something like a White Drake and a normal pet :thinking:


I checked my forum notifications to see a heart from Craftable and I could only think “This is a trick, isn’t it?”


same, but I got 2


I’m a frayed knot



Pages 1026-1030

Author’s Notes: If only this was original lost Halls, they could just use gravel and insta the boss

Full Comic Layout


“Don’t let those tentacles touch you!”
laughs in trickster


cries in lag


“I didn’t you guys could get pet stasis’d”


sobs in Brain of the Golem

it wouldn’t be a proper return without grammar errors, now would it?


You’d better propose a new rhea the trickster skin that drops from pcaves/ddocks/davies


I had one last skin contest, but I don’t think it would make DECA enough money :expressionless:

could just call it "The Hipster" but I'm not sure many people know Henez anymore