[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Funny thing, I know of Henez and his great legacy despite playing RotMG for the first time well after his “retirement”. Namely if I think of Henez I think of that one song he used in his videos.


Well, atleast in the minds of DECA, who probably just think of it as some old meme. Ofcourse DECA has a habit on cashing in on popular fads (I’m lookin at Ugandan Knuckles), so maybe if it permeated back into stardom, there’d be a shot.


"Creating the Barrier!"

Pages 1031-1035

Author’s Notes: How about a Pirate Overwatch hero that uses parrots and barriers/heals? Oh wait I forgot its 2019, that game died.

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And that, my friend, is where you are wrong.


fight! fight! fight!


eats popcorn made out of rhea’s hair


ooo getting frisky i see


I watched them strip doublepicks from QP, and I won’t stand to watch them install this forced role stuff either.



At least this way I don’t have to play tank for a 5 DPS team lmao.

(And I do remember when they took away double picks, now that was sad.)


That font color on that background color for the golem’s text is rough. Might I suggest having a darker background color or font? Besides that… I’m so happy that this is back :smiley:


Darkness Dilemma

Pages 1036-1040

Author’s Notes: I’ve come to take a few civil liberties when it comes to some of these phases, since most are just represented by bullet spam.

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In order to create darkness it spins itself like the tasmanian devil lol


Davy’s Got A Plan!

Pages 1041-1045

Author’s Notes: Apologies for slight wait, still catching up with some people aswell as catching up ingame.

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Lmao davy belongs in r/madlads


A reach into the darkness

Pages 1046-1050

Author’s Notes: Steven Universe ain’t got shit on me when it comes to fusion crossovers.

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oh boy



Pages 1051-1055

Author’s Notes: Call Rebecca Sugar, she’s gonna want to see this one.

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already pressing f for davy


The Haunted Golem

Pages 1056-1060

Author’s Notes: A possession. INSIDE a possession. Look at this, he’s still trying to figure out if he’s being possessed.

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