[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


he might not be dead though… won’t be the same without him… he didn’t even get a mark first.

Not and F, but a Z


A rude awakening

Pages 1151-1155

Author’s Notes: Happy Halloween

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Is he Flash or wut ?


I imagine being hit with a blunt object by a hero can’t be any good for his health


LMAO if he didn’t die before, he definitely have now! Also, callback to how to wake up a Pirate King, nice. On the other hand, marble’s very generous, giving them the chance to do all this.


That’s the exact thing i hate in movies


i wish he dropped a pink bag containing like tier 2 items and armors so we know he is dead


Err… yea… how generous. Not lazy of me at all heh heh. Must be all those other pirates you never see heh heh

Well you’d be right, but Dreadstump already dropped his loot. Possibly twice. As for his mortality, perhaps there was something he had that Rhea could use.


this reminds me when i got angry when i was playing a game on my ds so i punched the screen and it wouldnt work for like 5 minutes

it came back but it was slow so i punched it again and it stopped working


Wow, and you think my ideas for the crossover are brutal.

Rhea just murdered Dreadstump…


Do not tell me you have gotten feelings for the monsters of the Realms, do you think they have any other purpose but to destroy us?

okay maybe they do


Are you telling me you don’t feel anything when you attack those poor bunnies in the Midlands of realms?


I feel the feeling of wanting to kill them all


Poor bunnies?!?..LOOK AT THOSE BONES!!


Classic Stumpy

Pages 1156-1160

Author’s Notes: Okay no more random drama for real this fight been too long.

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lmao called it ( albeit too late), but hey, another craftable animated™! Rhea continues banter with Stumpy, while Davy or Bilge runs for dear life. Turns out, one of Stumpy’s power is using a prism, an equipment for heroes. That might be a glimpse into his glory days? The only monster to use all hero equipments wew.

also, I’ll be that guy: Rhea’s Knockers got volume


Image result for boi meme gif


Dreadstump’s Revelation

Pages 1161-1165

I wanted to make this joke for so long…
plz no ban

Author’s Notes: I really hope Rhea saw that totem spawning behind her.

Full Comic Layout


I fell for it