[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Classic Dreadstump… saving the day and stuff


Image result for is it possible to learn this power


i lIkE aSpArGuS


/addfriend yourname and then accept lol


you know got-dang well that no longer works


but right before saying “MY ONLY FRIEND” I removed it and sent it again and it worked :stuck_out_tongue:


The Fallen Colossus

Pages 1201-1205

Author’s Notes: Hope everyone popped their clovers

Full Comic Layout


remember thinking it was actually dying on my first lh


Haha, stupid marble head is dead


void time.

i wanna see them deal with the thing known as petrify + stacked shots


i call the stacked shots phase motor kill phase because thats exactly what it does


Spooky’s Return?

Pages 1206-1210

Author’s Notes: Almost forgot about our other heroes in the Lost Halls… running away from Spooky Boi for a year.

Full Comic Layout


Now THAT is endurance.




Hey I’m in the picture, I’m famous!


how i wish my username started with A


The Spooky Souls

Pages 1211-1215

Author’s Notes: Could it be the missing half?

Full Comic Layout


ah so thats where that final phase went


Marble Colossus be like


remember this ?