[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Acktually, he starts with base 960, since Rhea HP scales him.
and that number actually goes to 1600 when HP scaling with Sau, Craftable, Sage, and Sensey, but they’re not in the void yet.


aktually hp scaling starts on the 2nd player.

i think


I don’t think it does, at least it says nothing about that on the wiki page for hp scaling


Dreadstump’s Deal

Pages 1381-1385

Author’s Notes: When you get a pbag from Dreadstump

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Oh shit, Rhea has a claim on Dreadstump’s soul.


He has got to have been killed more than 46,853 times right.

Also for a minute there, I thought that said 46.853 (as in a decimal) and I got confused.
EDIT: I mean, just look at this


Most of those are exploited


Oh, Mr. Krabs. How an IOU works is beautiiful. I also just realized that he pulled a switcharoo with his eye and void’s gem somehow. Truly, nobody gets that sneaky bastard’s soul.


Attack Mode

Pages 1376-1380

Author’s Notes: Form-change for my laziness.

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Remember to counter rotate and kill minions


If any of them get omni I’m officially quitting Realm



They all get Omni.

and you get an Omni! And you get an Omni! Reaches Arkrumiera Sorry, we’re out


Ark get omni


Cannonball Calamity

Pages 1391-1395

Author’s Notes: Bad RL 2 shrink

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Those foolish corporeal attacks don’t phase you. They phase through you, ehhh?


"You’re powered up, get in there!"

Pages 1396-1400

Author’s Notes: The big 1.4k, maybe I should wrap this up soon. With this home quarentine stuff it might be a possibility.

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pro tip: just don’t be a mortal smh


Didn’t you say last chapter 2 chapters ago? :wink:


I know this



Pages 1401-1405

Author’s Notes: It ain’t me

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