Hello my name is Formidavel. I’ve been playing ROTMG for over 9 years and I’ve seen a lot of things happen in the game. Funny things like a disgruntled admin who simply spawned an Oryx 2 on the sales server to carry out a slaughter. And grotesque bugs that could have easily broken the game and drastically disrupted the overall experience. I come here today to expose a subject that I have discussed several times with friends of mine who have also played the game. The famous DUPE. As many know the game has a bug that hinders the overall experience, known as DUPE, a bug that allows a portion of players to duplicate any item in the game. Behind this bug is an obscure community that is making a lot of money exploiting this flaw, creating fake players and messing up the overall gaming experience. The game has chronic issues with this particular and seemingly intractable bug. My suggestion is that the company currently in charge of the game simply devotes itself to solving this most serious problem and then simply give the game a HARD RESET so that players who have invested their savings in the game are not harmed. For those who don’t know, a HARD RESET in the game would mean making the game go back to the time of the caves in general. As if it were Thanos snapping his fingers and everything going back to the beginning, the genesis of the ROTMG story. Only with all current mechanics included. All players back to ZERO with the game definitely fixed. It is a controversial subject but in my point of view it is very necessary because the game has a huge potential that is lost due to this particular bug that turns players without any experience into combat machines. There are many cheaters that also need to be eliminated. ROTMG is a game I love dearly, but it’s decaying. Please express your opinion on the subject so that the idea can be discussed by more people and gain notoriety. And possibly be answered.



Edit: Thought I should probably elaborate on this a bit, as a one word response may be deemed insufficient:

Absolutely fucking not.


I don’t really think resetting the game would solve the problem. It would undoubtedly cause a lot of people to quit permanently, but that doesn’t mean that’s all the cheaters doing so. All that a game reset would do is make the cheaters start over, in that regards. You’re nipping the problem at the base of the weed’s stem, not killing its roots. It’ll grow back in some new, gnarled way, but just as bad as before.

You’d probably be scaring away more of the honest others who invested their time (and possibly money) into where they are now, and all that effort would be gone to waste. Why bother going through that again, at that point…

(Having everybody lose their pets would be kind of funny in a cruel way, though :relieved:
Not that I want to belittle the money that was invested in them, but having a petless rotmg would be cool to see again.)


How about people who’ve spent thousands on the game? Are the hundreds of Lost Hall keys that they’ve bought and grinded for hours on end simply… gone? Wasted?

How about the people who’ve gotten over 1 million fame. Probably at the expense of their social lives, wallets, free time etc. You would cause the majority of people who’ve already invested so many resources into the game to just quit; hell, I’d be annoyed if the 4/4, fully exalted characters I’d spent so much time on were reduced to dust. The closest you’d come could be a reboot like OSRS or a DECA-endorsed private server, but I doubt a hard account wipe would ever happen.


RotMG has already gone too far to go for a hard reset.

Plus DECA can still rewrite the code without a hard reset. Sure the items that were duped would still exist, but it’s better than taking away the efforts of all nighters RotMG players spent.


what about if you have 0 fame?


The SwatSec hacking incident you are talking about? I heard of THAT for sure.

Totally aware of that.

Dupe is rather an exploit of the game’s coding, not necessary a bug. Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix to tackle this in the long run. I am not saying that it should not fixed but rather the capability solving it or not.

May you tell me what are the thing that get hard-wiped?

I do agree cheating issue is a phat issue to fix but hard reseting will hurt the innocent Realmers in the long run.


This man is a sigma octriollionaire grindset and I support him fully. Make ROTMG great again!


I agree with you! DECA Games should remake RotMG from scratch and make sure with 100% certainty that item duplication is impossible among other major issues that would affect the multiplayer experience. I don’t know if the legality behind it is justified since players spend real life money on micro-transactions, but as a F2P I don’t care at all! LOL


But uh, that goes without saying everyone would have wasted their time on the game if nothing saves. Maybe there can be some sort of compromise? I’m thinking like the total net-fame someone has obtained throughout their whole account’s life span can be converted into some sort of commodity. Or maybe just fix the bugs without resetting that hard. Or at all. IDK, but I do agree with your mindset.


whatever happened to challenger mode? i really liked the idea of it, my main reasons for wanting a data reset would be fixed if they added those back


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they renamed it to RIFTS and once they started hosting those seasons for real instead of on testing, it became apparent that when exposed to the full playerbase a lot of the old bullshit that plagues normal rotmg started to sink in again. turns out one of the reasons the challenger mode PTs went over so well was at least in part to there just being dramatically fewer players involved, and the few that were involved were much nicer and cooperative than the average rotmg player (I mean just look at this thread for examples of people throwing shade out of nowhere at just anyone).

as a result, it didn’t pan out as well when released officially, and between that and the large amount of work necessary to run such a thing they cut it. afaik the exalt client doesn’t have any support for it whatsoever so they couldn’t bring it back now if they wanted to. they’ve claimed they want to do something with it in the future, but they’ve also said they wanted to revamp the arena since day one of deca’s acquisition and we still haven’t seen anything on that front. probably safe to guess you’ll never see or hear about it again.


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I seriously can’t tell if this is bait or genuine. If it’s bait, it has to be the worst bait I’ve ever seen.

I’m not going to make any points because all of the points have already been stated, which just goes to show that this was a poorly thought out idea.


This study, in today’s context, should regard as unusable and inaccurate, due to its exceedingly old age and inaccurate information. Trotsky of the EU Commission in 2016 states that studies conducted in ancient Greece lacked scientific method, especially when it came to ranking systems + human psychology. This was a direct response to the invalid ancient Greek studies that perpetuated class separatism, and therefore is directly refuting your source as well.



politics level equivalent discussions on rotmg forums: dupe; cheaters; hacking; rwt. it’s just an endless debate and deca is incapable of fixing their game. just give up

having that said, since you have a bit of hope, all discussion you do here might or might not even be acknowledged by the game devs even though they do read posts here but yours probably won’t be taken seriously.


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