[RotMG] How a Game Developer Let Cheaters Take Over Realm of the Mad God


Well that’s the thing.

Rotmg has been facing some competition from those private discords.

Personally I’m no fan but people definitely transition over.


If Deca wants to actually “breath new life into the game”, like what they promised, they will need to do a lot of advertising and make the game more new player friendly after the unity shift, for instance creating a new server


does anyone have an alt link? it keeps getting taken down


You can find the only current upload on the reddit post. Mrunibro commented it.

It’s on a nsfw site though… pornhub.

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You guys type a lot.


100% SFW.

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Cheaters: “they can enjoy playing however they want, leave them alone”

Legit players:

“deal with cheaters or gtfo”

Yeah, makes perfect sense.

Never seen anyone do what you’re doing without having a personal stake in cheating, so of course the most logical conclusion is that you cheat or used to cheat yourself.

You don’t have to be an expert psychologist to realize that “idk maybe they just felt like it lol” is never the explanation for anyone’s actions.

People who don’t care about a game either don’t play it or play it very casually every once in a while, they don’t go through the trouble of downloading hacks.

Earlier you talked about how hacks made LH and Shatters run smoother. Do you think someone who “doesn’t care about this game” would bother running hundreds of dungeons (sometimes buying the keys for it themselves) just to get their bunch of pixels?

Or how about the fame trains with bots, “phantom realms”, etc… ? Do you really think someone who “doesn’t care about this game” would bother looking for exploits and then spending hours taking advantage of them just so they can make their fame (that is to say some irrelevant number on their screen) go up faster?

And because they were your friends they could do no wrong?

You know, it’s possible to like some parts of a person while disapproving others. It’s not a binary “worship the ground they walk on or burn them at the stake” choice.


I don’t see how this justifies hacking. The feelings of the people involved are still as real as anywhere else in real life.


Everyone has a favourite thing to do in their spare time when they want to relax. Mine used to be realm. But im going to try my best to make it my favourite choice again :slight_smile:


Cheaters perhaps might care about the game, but only to an extent, where they are ok with losing their account. They spend a lot of times on grinding dungeons and stuff and to obtain items as a way to pass time passively. But they won’t bother trying to improve their in game skills, after all downloading hacks is a lot easier than playing legitimately. Some formal legit players have stated that they started using hacks because they don’t care enough about the game anymore, and that they are pretty much ok with quitting at any point, but do continues to play because playing with hacks is fun and RotMG is still a good to kill some time, so they play passively.

After all, RotMG is a old game, so is most of its players, this is just what I have observed, and it’s a bad phenomena. Cheaters continues to cheat which screws up the game for others and other legit players might quit. When the cheaters are banned, most of them will probably also quit the game, which has an almost double effect on the player base, leaving gaps behind.

And there are also the idler fame trainers of course, some of them might not hack but they are actually more likely to get perma banned than hackers due to Deca’s strict intention against obtaining easy and fast fame, people will attempt to start the trains again once MotMG is over.


I mean, if we are to assign definitions of what is real and what is not, I would argue RotMG is real in the sense that physical changes in hardware state make up the game and the characters in it. I can also argue that music is not real, because you use an instrument to project sounds that do not last infinitely. But I do think this is beside the point.

I don’t disagree that one should prioritize other things in their life more than a video game. I am speaking from such a point myself, where I have other things going on in my life but RotMG is just a hobby for me. However, I am passionate about my hobbies.
And I think that people can take their lives in any direction they wish if they are finding happiness in it and they are not intentionally treading on others’ happiness. That is a very hard problem, because the world is incredibly complicated and you can’t please everyone, but I think also not the point I am trying to make.
It is also unfortunate that people let the game take over too much of their lives, as it becomes an addiction, but I think there’s not much more we can do on that front, as regular citizens, other than try to spread awareness.

I think the point I am trying to make is that there isn’t anything wrong in stating your beliefs and desires for a video game. Perhaps, depending on the person, it can be considered a bit eccentric. But if someone feels so passionately about something, then by all means they should be welcome to try.

  1. The problem is that RealmEye forum is not exactly an accurate sample of the community when it comes to legit players vs hackers, because hackers themselves are unlikely to post on the forums, sure, a few might bother defending themselves but the majority doesn’t want others to know that they are a cheater, they probably just want to play their game quietly and unnoticed.
    The official RotMG discord does have a strict anti-cheating policy, but that doesn’t stop cheaters from joining it, since the server is also mostly being used for game updates, events, and social, it has little to do with in game playing so we do not know how many cheaters exist there, and I’m sure most hacked client users won’t be stupid enough to post a screenshot of themselves using hacks.
    While 100 to 200 votes might seem large, compared to the total player base is still pretty small, so if you want it to have a big impact on the community then it’s gotta be a lot better than that.

I argue then that the sample of population on the RealmEye Forums is one that on average, contains more individuals that are willing to or are already helping strengthen and enrich the community. A bit boastful, but I’ve always been a fan of the forum format for serious discussions; I think the discussion that’s currently being had is a good one. It’s these sorts of things that I believe are core to a healthy gaming community.

I have no doubt that there are cheaters on the official RotMG Discord that we just don’t know about, because they’ll never post about it. But the thing is, they’ll never post about it. The people who will post about it will get banned. I feel that the second-largest RotMG Discord, and the official one endorsed by Deca, taking such a clear stance against hacking sends a strong message.

Regarding the number of votes, I was fairly aware when I cited those numbers that it does look pretty small. Unfortunately, there’s not really a better way to gauge support from the community. Perhaps Reddit upvotes? In terms of Reddit upvotes, it’s the highest upvoted post on r/rotmg in the past week (and it was posted within the past week). In the past month, it’s 9th place, being edged out by fan art/fan works and memes. I think that’s fairly strong support; not absolutely everyone, but a lot of people who frequent the subreddit.
If you don’t believe that r/rotmg is an accurate-enough sample, there’s unfortunately no way to get any more accurate that I know of, unless someone bugged like every single person in-game about what they think.

  1. The issue is that a lot of realmers don’t care about the value of the loot based on how hard they worked, end game players are not the majority after all, if it takes a bunch of hackers to be in a raid to complete a lost halls in the safer and easier way, a lot of people will do it! Not everyone is actually good at the game, so perhaps they don’t actually have the skill or money(Divine Pet) necessary to get an omni, but they still want an omni, so what do they do? They turn to hacks or people who use hacks.
    And dying so many times or just perma death itself is what makes a lot of people quit or turn them to using hacks, there are so many uncontrollable factors such as lag or visual obstacles that causes death. There are legit players who used to be against hacking but ended up using hacks because they are tired of getting insta popped or lagged to death and losing their jugg or ogmur again.
    As for dupers, given the current game, and how Deca is quite strict against duping and made it almost impossible, dupers exists only in very small quantity now, those who knows how to dupe keeps the method to themselves.

But I think that, if people who aren’t good at the game resort to hacks to get loot rather than getting better at the game, that does devalue the loot rather seriously. Then there’s not really anything that means something in the game, it’s just “you rolled the dungeon drops enough times that you got something”. I think that this sort of mentality is not sustainable. The game has already devolved close enough to this in gameplay alone, as we can see with chest events. We can also see that the game’s player population has also dropped, so clearly a reskinned gambling machine is not an incredibly sustainable or healthy state for the game, and people will leave if that’s what the game boils down to.

Regarding the state of permadeath in RotMG, that was actually brought up in this thread, and I do think that’s a legitimate concern as well as an interesting discussion. I do think that some hackers will start playing the game legitimately when the Unity port comes out (well, they’d have no other choice for a while, but I do think the problems with lag are a factor that causes people to start hacking).
However, as I have also stated in either this thread or that thread a bit further up, if lag is inherently a problem with the game, that gives you the options to either play a different game that does not have such a fundamental flaw, or continue playing despite the problems. That is what legitimate players do. Cheaters bypass the fundamental flaw, and thus inherently have an unfair advantage over legitimate players. An individual player is not entitled to avoid the issues that other players can experience for whatever reason, no matter how that individual feels. But cheaters resort to illegitimate methods to avoid such problems, and so cause the playing ground to be unfair (once again, this is also the case with people using notifying services).
For a legitimate player, this can be rather insulting.

I think while duping has now become incredibly secretive, it doesn’t mean that the few people who do know how to use it don’t dupe in large amounts. We’re already aware of our fellow “A” from Sebchoof’s video. In addition to that, how else do you think RWT sites stay in stock? And there is clearly demand for these duping services, because unfortunately people pay money for such things.


its like gmo cows.
There aren’t very many non gmo cows anymore cuz the cow population is full of gmo ones.
Just like Decas.


wait why would it be taken down


You guys should check out this epic video made by BickuriBox13 :sunglasses:

I don’t support it, he just asked me to post it


Damn hes right. I hate hackers, so I might as well become one. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer amirite?
Besides, my only other option is to ignore the problem, but I refuse to be a bystander
This guy is acting like any other hack supporter. “I dont want to spend money, and why should I play the game as intended like everyone else, so I should use hacks”

Btw before people start arguing about who flagged that post, it was me. Just because it lists hacking sites which are against ToS and are therefore against forum rules, not because I don’t think people should see his opinion

Additionally I hope someone intelligent makes a response video that breaks this apart because every other sentence in this is a false claim or unlogical


I don’t really think you play rotmg
and btw im a new player and i dont use hacks


Yeah I don’t play on this account.


Alt accounts on Forums!?!?!


hmm i wonder which acc you play on


ecookied you dont even defuwu with me anymore >:( heck you